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Silver Lining is one champion. I met Carissa Reiniger, CEO and President, about three years ago. She has dedicated Silver Lining to helping lifestyle businesses grow. Simple. It’s a one year, mostly on line, program designed to grow your business. It’s not a business plan but rather an action plan that relies on some of the same things in a business plan. There’s nothing wrong with business plans…they are great for determining what direction you want to take your company in. Business plans are primarily used to raise capital however. The philosophy at Silver Lining is that action plans are a better way for lifestyle businesses to grow. Their action plan is called SLAP: Silver Lining Action Plan. It’s a simple (because once you fill in the blanks, the plan program does all the calculations for you). Even if you’re self motivated, sometimes taking care of your own business gets pushed to the side by you – like the shoemaker with barefoot kids. If you can relate to this, then maybe you should check Silver Lining out.www.Silverlininglimited.com

Carissa Reiniger, CEO and President of Silver Lining

Gale Brewer, Manhattan Borough President
who stopped by to cheer on the SLAP in the
City participants. http://www.galebrewer.com/