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the right action plan for your small business & hit your financial goals!

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What is a SLAP™ Intensive Bootcamp?

The SLAP™ Intensive Bootcamp will take you and fellow like-minded small business owners through a guided and interactive process to build an Action Plan for your business! It is a 3 hour workshop where you get your own complimentary workbook to guide you along the way. Make sure to attend the FULL session so you can walk away with your very own 12-month strategic growth plan, not just another business plan that will gather dust on your shelves!

Your Mindset

Explore what being in the right mindset actually means and how to make sure you, your business and your impact are in total alignment.

Your Ideal Client

Go through an hour process that will help you clearly define your ideal client so you can spend every dollar and every minute connecting with them.

Your 1 Year Goal

Go through a simple yet powerful process to help you better understand your numbers and set a realistic but ambitious one-year financial goal.

Execute & Behavior Change Science

Build your 12-month sales, marketing, action plan and learn all about 3 key habits that behavior change science says you must adopt in order to be successful.
"This Bootcamp was very, very helpful. I've gained so much insight into how to leverage the SLAP™ program and resources more thoroughly to grow my business. I now understand better why I need to get focused and where my focus should go. I also learned how to continually reevaluate my business practices to make them more streamlined and effective in generating revenue. I would highly recommend this Bootcamp to any small businesses that need clarity."
Rhonda James
E218 Events Management
"The Wells Fargo SLAP™ Bootcamp helped me give the boot to an operation-and-sales-only- mentality I kept for too many months. It helped me redefine who my ideal client is and allowed me to be on the lookout for my most profitable income streams (which got pushed to the front!). I used all of this motivation to rebuild my portfolio and website, and in just two weeks saw a turnover: more clients and projects that went for the specific service that I wanted to sell!"
Daniel Vinu
iglú Branding
"The SLAP™ Bootcamp is great for business owners who are looking for a way to get clarity on their business, get things out of their head and create a plan that gets things done. Since businesses are started by people, it can sometimes be hard to separate the emotions from the process. Programs like SLAP™ Bootcamp recalibrate you along the journey to make sure you make decisions that make business sense even if you feel like doing something else."
Brandy Cochrane
Entrepreneur Meal Plan

Being a small business owner has been incredibly hard for these past few years, and the need to pivot, adapt and innovate is more important than ever. As we all try to look to the future, use this opportunity to take a step back from the chaos, gain clarity, be in community with fellow business owners, build a plan that has been proven time and time again to work, and set yourself up to hit your goals.

Thanks to the support of Wells Fargo, this $299 SLAP™ Bootcamp is now available to ALL Small Business Owners for FREE!

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Nov. 16, 2022
1-4 PM EST

Dec.1, 2022
1-4 PM EST

Dec. 14 2022, 1-4 PM EST

Jan 17, 2023, 1-4 PM EST