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You are invited to apply for one of 700 spots – with a value of $4,000 USD each!

You are the soul of your local community, and you drive the US economy. You create opportunities for your family and jobs for those who need them.  




The American Small Business Growth Program has a singular focus: to give you the structure, support, and access that you deserve so that you can accomplish your goals and live your dreams.

This Program Is For You If:

→ your business is OWNER-OPERATED & self-funded.
→ your business has been in operation for at least 2 YEARS.
→ your business is your full-time career and PRIMARY SOURCE OF INCOME.
→ you are part of a MARGINALIZED COMMUNITY.

you are COMMITTED to growth and serious about taking yourself and your business to the next level.

you and your business are BASED IN THE US. No citizenship documentation is required.

The American Small Business
Growth Program

SLAP™ has been used by over 11,000 small business owners in 30+ countries to help them build more profitable and sustainable businesses.
Silver Lining’s mission is to help every business owner make money doing what they love and to change the economy, one small business
at a time. If you are successful at getting one of the spots in the American Small Business Growth Program you can expect the following:

Build Your SLAP™

You will go through a 3-hour guided process to help you think about your values and priorities and set a time budget. You will then evaluate and define key strategic elements of your business, including your What, Who, and Scale. Next, you will enter your expenses, revenue, pricing, and revenue breakdown and ensure you have the best financial plan for your business as well as 12 months of sales goals. Finally, you will build a detailed 12-month business development plan to ensure you have a detailed strategy for connecting with new clients to hit your sales goals.

Get Comprehensive Support

Once your SLAP™ is built, you will get comprehensive support for the next 12 months to ensure you implement your plan and hit your goals! Behavior change science says that if you wrap the right kind of structure and support around yourself and fully take advantage of our 360 degree approach, your chances of success dramatically increase. With SLAP™, you get access to everything behavior chance says you need in order to hit your financial goals which includes coaching, accountability, training, templates, tools, community and much more!

Have Access to Capital (optional)

Once you qualify, get access to an unsecured loan based on SLAP™ behavior – not credit score, collateral, or any other traditional finance metric that prohibits many business owners from marginalized backgrounds from accessing capital.

Small Business First

Every decision we make is small business first – including total transparency on our approval algorithm and agreement terms.

Based on Behavior

Not your credit score, cash flow or collateral – all things we know are hard to keep perfect while building a business.

We Grow Together

As we help you grow your business and you optimize your behavior and your results we both win and grow together.


Get Featured in a Docu-Series

Have your story considered to be included in the American Small Business Growth Docu-Series which will profile small business owners from the program and tell the story of small business in America. This project aims to remind us all further that the United States is a small business country and that amid so much divide and uncertainty, we can all align around a mission to help small business owners succeed. To learn more, click HERE.

Win A Vacation, Prizes & Rewards

Eight of the highest performing business owners in the program will win an all-expenses-paid vacation, giving you a chance to rest and celebrate your success! We will also host monthly contests, giving away prizes and rewards to encourage good behavior and reward those of you who are most active and engaged in the program. To learn more, click HERE.

Sign Up for a FREE SLAP™ Bootcamp…


Sign up to attend a FREE SLAP™ Bootcamp. You will go through a 3-hour process that includes live training along
with the assignment. The culmination of the 3 hours of work is a comprehensive Action Plan for your
business, including your positioning statement, ideal client profile, 1-year sales goals, and 12-month sales, marketing, and business development
plan. The enrollment fee of $299 is 100% covered by Wells Fargo for every small business that registers.

The SLAP™ Bootcamp sign-up page will open in a new window, once you register to the Bootcamp, make sure to navigate back to this page to
submit your official application to The American Small Business Growth Program!

Apply For 1 of 700 Spots in The American Small Business Growth Program

Thanks to Wells Fargo’s support, 700 small business owners will get access to the complete SLAP Program – with a value of $4,000 USD
each! While all are welcome to attend the SLAP Bootcamps, only 700 US-based small business owners will get the comprehensive 13-months
of support that comes with being enrolled in SLAP. Apply for one of those spots now!

Please note that all small business owners who gets one of the spots will be asked to contribute a small monthly fee of your choosing through
Silver Lining’s
Pay What You Can Policy . Thanks to the financial support of Wells Fargo, the majority of your costs to participate have been
covered. Still, behavior change science proves that unless we pay for something, we do not value it. Our data shows that your chance of hitting
your goals increases by over 80% when you pay something – even a minimal amount.



If you would like to learn more about the SLAP™ Program, watch this 12-minute overview video.


Small Business

Growth Program



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