Weight Watchers For Small Business: Silver Lining Helps You Set Financial Goals (And Actually Meet Them)
Written by Rip Empson
January 22, 2012
Source: Techcrunch
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Startups and small businesses are the engine of job creation. In the U.S., companies less than five years old created 44 million jobs over the last three decades and, over that time, accounted for all net new jobs created in the U.S. — just ask the White House. Of course, you’d think from reading TechCrunch that all small businesses raise big funding from venture capital. Nope. The majority don’t raise any kind of venture money or angel investment — most small business owners probably don’t even know any venture capitalists.  Owning a small business is tough. Carissa Reiniger has been working in small business development for over seven years and says she’s seen countless entrepreneurs and small business owners run into what she calls the “cash flow catch 22″ …  Read Full Article Here