… A behaviour change science program for small business owners



 SLAP is a proven program based on Behavior Change Science. When you have a SLAP, you get all of the Pillars of Support to help you hit your business growth goals.s.


  • You need to know what results you are trying to accomplish – build your SLAP to set your goals to build a more profitable and sustainable business
  • Once you have built your SLAP, you need to continually stay in the right action. The 5 Fingers of the SLAPxperience bring the Pillars of Support to life – and give you the entire support structure science says you need to hit those goals!
  • The first step of behaviour change is you being Committed and moving into Action. If you are serious – really really serious – about being a business owner who hits their goals – make a real commitment and put structure and support around yourself so that you succeed. Don’t try to do it alone – it won’t work.