Silver Lining

Leading up to Silver Lining's 20th Anniversary on April 25, 2025, we are visiting 20 countries with the goal of thanking and celebrating everyone who has helped get Silver Lining this far and to build partnerships, train and equip small businesses and spark economic development and justice that will lay the foundation for years to come.

The Silver Lining World Tour is a celebration of every person  around the world who is Silver Lining. 

Apply to win one of the 20 Impact5X Awards to bring SLAP™ to your community. The 20 winning communities will receive $5,000 USD and 50 spots in the SLAP™ program to drive local economic development.

 Nominate an amazing small business owner who has built a business that supports their family, creates jobs, contributes to their community, and helps drive a more just economy to win one of 20 Thank You Prizes – worth over $20,000 in value each!

 Nominate someone who has played a significant role in Silver Lining’s growth and development in these first 20 years in business. The 20 winners will be chosen and announced at the 20 year anniversary party on April 25, 2025.

Add your name to the guest list for what will be the party of the year! Attend from anywhere (as it will be virtual) and participate in an event full of incredible stories, celebrations and some fun surprises on April 25, 2025!

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