She’s The Boss: Carissa Reiniger, CEO & Founder of Silver Lining

Carissa Reiniger is an extraordinary woman and what she’s doing with her business, the “Sliver Lining’ is absolutely incredible. She’s really thought about every aspect of small businesses and how she can support them. Carissa is the Founder and President of Silver Lining, where she has developed the SLAP (Silver Lining Action Plan) business method to help small businesses set and hit their financial goals. Her background is in psychology and she has developed a Behaviour Change Psychology formula into her business model, to enable small business owners to succeed. At the beginning of 2021, Silver Lining launched a sister company called Silver Lining Finance because they’re really focused on helping small businesses make money doing something they love. They lend 100% finance based on the behavioural data they develop for small businesses. Carissa is disrupting the banking industry! Over 80% of Silver Lining Finance’s borrowers are women and approximately 76% are non-white business owners. These are the people the banking industry don’t support so Carissa is changing the system. It doesn’t end there. “Thank you Small Business” is a programme where 500 small businesses are selected from marginal communities, all over the world, from every background. These 500 businesses are put on SLAP and are given optional access to SLAP loans as well as provided with resourceful connections to help them raise their profiles. Carissa truly is remarkable!