Thank You Small Business Releases I Love NYC SMB Campaign 1-Year Impact Report on Covid Lockdown’s 2-Year Anniversary

The 100 NYC SMBs impact on the local economy includes $28 Mil in combined revenue goals and 450 new jobs created, with 90% of winners still located in NYC. The small business owners in I Love NYC SMB prove that small business in New York City is BIG.” — Carissa Reiniger, CEO of Silver Lining NEW YORK, NY, UNITED STATES, March 18, 2022 / — On March 18th, 2021, on New York City’s one-year lockdown anniversary, I LOVE NYC SMB, a campaign to drive new business, revenue, and support for small businesses across the five boroughs of New York City, was launched. Driven by a goal to provide transformational support for small businesses affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, I LOVE NYC SMB, over the course of the last year delivered $1, 000, 000 USD in Thank You Prizes to select small businesses that have remained in NYC throughout the pandemic, found ways to contribute to their community through the hardship, and reflect values of diversity and inclusion. Two years later, we still believe that small business success is critical for NYC to emerge stronger than ever and are continuing our collective efforts to celebrate and support NY-based SMBs.” This campaign is our love letter to New York City and the incredible people who live and work here,” said Carissa Reiniger, CEO of Silver Lining. Over the course of the next month after the campaign launch, we received over 900 applications, of which after undergoing a rigorous interview and vetting process, 100 small businesses in various industries and boroughs were chosen as winners. Each received a Thank You Prize, valued at over $10,000 USD that included at its center: a full enrollment in the SLAP™ Program, a proven small business growth program that is data-driven, technology-enabled, and based in behavior change science, helping the 100 winners build more profitable and sustainable businesses in 2021, despite the challenges they faced. The package also included many perks and free resources such as Spotify Advertising ad credits, a Godaddy .nyc domain, 60 days free of Flowcode Pro, a professional promo video produced by Re-Invention TV, a concert series produced by ARKAI, 10 masterminds, and 4 connection events to drive community. Additionally, in January 2022, Spotify Advertising was officially announced as the official partner of I Love NYC SMB. They will play an intricate part in making 2022 a year to remember as we continue to drive new activities for the campaign. Our vision to love, celebrate, support, and THANK small business owners in NYC is BIG. In 2022, we plan on: – Hosting the last four live concert events in our series of ten, all hosted in local small businesses and featuring NY-based artists, with 100% of the profits from ticket sales being re-distributed in the form of cash gifts between the winners.– Launching a public ad campaign across the five boroughs by placing billboards, posters, and postcards with the goal of driving new business to them.– Releasing a compilation book, featuring the 100 winners and their stories, celebrating their resilience and contribution, despite all of the challenges faced.– Releasing an original musical piece, composed and performed by ARKAI, along with an original music video, inspired by the 100 and showcasing the diversity of these small businesses. “As I’ve personally gotten to know each of the 100 winners over the course of the last year, I must say that the collective resilience, growth, and contribution of this group is truly inspiring!” said Carissa Reiniger, CEO of Silver Lining. “The small business owners in I Love NYC SMB prove that small business in New York City is BIG.” Join us in 2022, support not only the 100 winners but all NY-based small businesses by choosing community over convenience and shopping local. To read the full one-year I Love NYC SMB Impact Report and find out more on how to get involved, please visit