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Silver Lining only succeeds when our SLAPsters succeed. We use SLAP data to understand, customize and optimize our support.

Our Data-Driven Approach to SMB Success

Globally, we spend billions of dollars every year trying to help Small Business Owners succeed. Yet, the failure rate remains incredibly high. The industry often thinks that it is impossible to reduce the risk of being a small business. Our data, however, shows that when an SMB gets the right structure and support over a sustained period of time, they can and will succeed. All of our work is tech-enabled, data-driven, based in behavior change science and completely focused on ensuring that we actually drive success for the Small Business Owners who use SLAPTM.

SLAPster Demographics

We are proud to serve a truly global population of Small Business Owners who come from all locations, races, religions, sexual orientations, gender assocations, age ranges, physical abilities and neuro-diversities!

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Technical Assistance Offered

Our data shows that while traditional coaching and mentoring is important, ongoing accountability, proactive outreach and comprehensive, sustained, long term support is required for SMB success.

Types of Technical Assistance


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Everything we do is ultimately focused on ensuring Small Business Owners have more profitable, sustainable businesses. Our success is when every SMB hits their annual SLAP Sales Goals and when they can access the capital they need if they do need it.



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