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When Silver Lining started the transition from being a consulting / training business to a SaaS (Software-As-A-Service) business we had no idea how intense and complicated that process would be.  Like everyone else who has built software we spent WAY more time and money than we expected, got it wrong multiple times, built entire products that we had to throw away, hired and fired outsourced and in house developers and went through all of the sagas that are associated with building software.   We met Mac and the Incus5 team (who now do all SLAPcenter development) and connected deeply with their mission to make technology transformation affordable and understandable for the average business so that you don’t have to raise millions or be a tech wiz to leverage technology to grow your business.   In this series Carissa & Mac talk candidly about software development, technology transformation, why it is so hard, how to make it easier and what you need to be thinking about in a post-Covid world to ensure your business stays relevant.


Mac is a a fellow business owner who is incredibly passionate about small business, technology and his mission to make technology accessible to small businesses.

Before starting Incus5 he was the CTO at WWT – a global enterprise level technology company.  In that role he helped some of the largest companies in the world implement major technology projects.  Now, he brings that experience to small businesses.

Book a half day workshop with the Incus5 Team to review all of your technical needs and goals and to build a technology transformation strategy.  Incus5 is making this available for the INCREDIBLE rate of $500 for the Silver Lining network.