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In this series we talk about money  – how to make it, grow it, spend it and manage it!   Money can be one of the hardest topics to tackle as a small business owner.  We often have so much emotion tied to the money our business does (or does not) make and the reality is that it is incredibly hard to build a business that is financially sustainable.   This series has practical insights to help you identify strategies related to the money in your business but also attempts to normalize the financial journey that we all go on as business owners.


While we often talk about equity or debt as ways to inject capital into a business – there is no better capital injection than revenue!   As a small business your time and energy should be spent primarily focused on creating solid revenue in your business.

In this session Carissa will talk about how to get creative and stay focused on generating revenue – even in the midst of a global pandemic.

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Trying to get a small business loan or other financing options often feels like a defeating process.  Almost every small business has had the experience of being declined or given terms with such high interest rates that the financing is actual harmful as opposed to helpful.

In this session Carissa & Steve talk about when it makes sense to look for financing and how to approach the process objectively and practically.   Learn about what your options are and what you should expect if you are looking for financing for your business.

Go through a quick, easy (and free!) assessment of your business and discover what all of your financing options are.  Note that it will not impact your credit score.


For business owners who come from a reality where they do not meet the requirements for traditional financing getting access to capital is even harder.   This economic injustice means that the people who were born into the hardest circumstances face the most challenges building a business – and that is not right.

Carissa and Sarah discuss economic injustice and our collective role in combatting it.  For anyone who wants to help solve this problem, Kiva makes it fun and easy for any business owner to either lend or borrow and you can learn how in this session.

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We all spend money every day to run our lives and our businesses – and there is literally a way to make that spending create more money for us.   Having the right credit card, managing that credit properly and then leveraging it for points to cover your travel budget can, quite literally, create “free” money for you and your business.

In this session Nathan, Richard and Carissa talk through how to think about a points strategy that is straightforward and effective.

Use this beginners guide, created by TPG, to help you build a plan for your points strategy.


Most business owners are really good at what we do, but that does not mean that we are really good at managing finances.   Financial management is a skill that should be left to a specialist.

In this session Carissa and Tuesday have a practical and honest conversation about what gets in the way of us managing the finances in our business properly, what skills your Finance Manager should have and why one of the most important investments you can make in your business (especially when cash is tight) is to hire a Finance Manager.

Get a 1:1 personal consultation with Tuesday to review your current financial management.


Until 2016, small businesses could only really raise investment capital from rich people. But the JOBS Act changed that, and now entrepreneurs can raise either equity or debt capital from their customers and community, through investment crowdfunding.

Jonny and Carissa have a fun conversation about the pros and cons of raising equity financing, demystify some of the terminologies that can make raising equity confusing and talk candidly about if and when this is a viable option for a small business.

To learn more about Wefunder and investment crowdfunding, and start an application, click the button below.


You probably don’t think about your payment processor or even realize you have a choice in which one to use. Every time you generate revenue from a credit card purchase you are giving away a percentage of that transaction. Although this cost is a necessity, a better understanding of the fees and small reductions in them can have a major impact on your bottom line.

Carissa and Sam talk about the payment processing industry, how the fee structure works and how a five-minute conversation can help you save time and money!

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