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In this series we talk about Mindset – how to build it, how to stay strong and how to get back on track when we inevitably get Stuck.  When you talk to almost any successful business owner and you ask them what they credit their success to – it is never how smart they are or how charming they are or how big their vision is.  It is, instead, about how disciplined they are in their daily routines, how they have built up their tenacity and resilience to face challenges and how they have kept a strong mindset.  This series is full of incredible insights and practical suggestions to help you stay strong.


It is ideal to do all of the right things so that we stay in the strongest and best mindset.  But we are humans and life is life – and sometimes we get stuck.  Getting unstuck is a skill that you can learn so that you can better manage the ups-downs-and-arounds of being a business owner.

In this session Carissa will walk you through the 4 Stages of Stuck and teach you how to identify them and then do the right things to get Unstuck. 

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How do you connect to yourself, your body and your customers?  How do you create a lucid body so that you are creating and building your business with ease instead of force?  

In this session Carissa and Fay speak about the deep experience she has in teaching and coaching actors worldwide in her Lucid Body method and how all of those principles are perfect for business owners.

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We all know that our nutrition matters and that what we put into our bodies has a big impact – but do we really know exactly what we should be eating, what supplements we should be taking and what the exact right formula is for our bodies?

In this session, Carissa and Kim & Candace have a fun conversation about our bodies, go through a very practical list of what we all need to do to keep our bodies strong and discuss how important our health is to our business success.

Work with Kim and Candace to increase your health and vitality, thus maximizing the fun in your life and the productivity in your business!


We hear about meditation all of the time – but does it really work?  Is it sort of woo woo?  What is the actual point?   What if you can’t do it?  What if it just feels silly?  What if you have tried but just cannot seem to do it on a regular basis?

In this session Carissa and Annabel talk about meditation in a practical, down to earth way that speaks directly to all of us business owners who often feel too busy, too stressed and too practical to try meditating.   

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We all know that the pressure of being a small business owner is real.  There is always a lot to do, there are always big goals to hit and there is always someone who needs something from us.   But the risk of not taking care of ourselves in the midst of this intensity is burn out.

In this session Carissa and Joyce talk about their own experiences with burn out and hear Joyce’s simple but profound advice on how to create your own routine and structure that will allow you to thrive as you manage the realities of being a business owner.

Connect with Joyce and learn about her amazing work focused on helping educators avoid burnout.