Silver Lining

Become A SLAPstrategist

Help a small business convert dreams into goals and goals into success.

Make A Real Difference In The Lives Of Small Business Owners

Our SLAPstrategists are our collaborators, advisors and the source of knowledge that help Small Business Owners grow. As a SLAPstrategist, you get to work directly with our SLAPsters and provide the space for them to determine what actions to take to hit their goals.
Most people would call this role a small business “coach” or “consultant” or “mentor” or “advisor”. We think of it as a small business “champion”, “advocate”, “thought partner” and “supporter”.

Your job is not to know everything – but rather to support the small
businesses you work with to reflect deeply, ask the right questions,
share your own stories and learnings when applicable and,
ultimately, help more small business owners use our
SLAPmethodology to build profitable and sustainable businesses.

How It Works

Get Matched With SLAPSters

As a SLAPstrategist, you will get
certified in SLAP, our behavior
change methodology, and get
matched with Small Business
Owners based on specific criteria.

Simple & Seamless

We only ask a minimum of 5 hours a month of your time, pre-scheduled. We take care of all the admin, and all you need to do is show up and help the Small Business Owners!

Success Share

100% of Silver Lining’s profit is
shared back to full time Team
Members and SLAPstrategists. SLAPstrategists share up to 30% based on the number of calls made.

Be Part of A Global Network

You become part of our
incredible global network of
values aligned business owners
where you can find new friends
and business opportunities.

Make A Difference

You make a serious difference in
the lives of the small business
owners who choose you as their

If you...

Then We Want You As A SLAPstrategist!