Our Silver Collectives are made up of amazing people from our Silver Circle Global Network who are all aligned around a similar passion, cause, interest, industry, and/or objective.

We create Collectives when there is a collective need for them, and anyone of our Silver Circle member can initiate a conversation to set one up. Each collective should have a specific goal in mind, and once the goal is achieved, the collective “wrap up.”



Behaviour Change Collective

To study and understand Behaviour Change Science so we can consistently apply it through the SLAPxperience, increasing our small business owners results and overall success.

Business as a Tool for Justice Collective

To explore the complicated intersection of business and justice and to define the moral and business case for why businesses should use their resources as a tool for justice.  To come up with Silver Challenges encouraging other business leaders to take action.

SLAPswag Collective

To gather small business owners who make incredible products and collaborate on joint venture “SLAPswag”! To drive more sales to small business owners and the fantastic products they produce.

If you have an great idea for a collective or would like to join one of the collectives featured above, fill out the form below!


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