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Talent Is Equal, Access Is Not

As part of our mission is to use the assets, influences, and resources we have to create a more just world, we created the Impact5x Economic Justice Project.

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Phase 2 - 500 SMBs

Traditional methods of technical assistance and access to capital have not created real change for small businesses. They simply do not get the right support and structure that will help them succeed. But, the bigger issue we are addressing is that a staggering number of marginalized SMBs lack access to the right technical assistance and a fair way to access capital.

Phase 3 - 5000 SMBs

Instead of focusing on skills building, mentorship, and credit scores, we are looking at the full human, their complete business strategy, and applying a comprehensive approach that helps them build profitable and sustainable businesses.

We CAN Change The Economy One Small Business At A Time

When someone is ready to take action and has resources, support, and structure wrapped around them – they CAN hit their goals. Our 13-month program has a meaningful impact on small business owners’ success rates. Scaling this success, we have the power to reduce poverty, increase job creation, develop strong communities, and create a more just economy.

The attributes that we so often celebrate in entrepreneurs are not
what it really takes to grow a business. Based on the significant
data that we collect through our SaaS platform, we know that focus,
discipline, and accountability create success. These are not things
you need to be born with – these are traits we can develop in every

We need to consciously foster a strong sense of pride in all small
business owners. The story of entrepreneurship has become
focused on raising millions, selling for billions, and building apps.
The backbone of the economy, however, is and always will be
small business owners. They are the ones who create jobs, pay
taxes, contribute to their communities, and yet too often are


The old-school model for business owners focuses on getting rich
at all costs – and then, once rich, giving money away. That model is
not working. We must instill a new sense of responsibility among
business leaders to use their businesses as a tool for justice.

The reality is that for those of us lucky enough to be born into any privilege, the hard work we invest gets outsized rewards. We don’t have to feel guilty about our privilege – but we must use it to create businesses and opportunities that result in an equal chance of success for everyone.

Program Elements

Fully Remote

We have been a fully remote company since inception. Our team is spread out across the world and we love our incredible diverse team!

Transparent Compensation Chart

Everyone is paid for the role they have based on our public compensation chart.

Performance Based Pay

Everyone is given the chance to earn additional income based on their personal performance.

Success Share

100% of our company profit is given back to our team on an annual basis.

Silver Holidays

We work hard and rest hard with 3 Silver Holidays (16 business days) every year where we shut down the company and take a break.

Paid Time Away

Everyone gets an additional 22 paid days off per year for Vacation, Wellness Days and Religious/National holidays.

Program Strategy

Impact5X combats systemic bias and inequality and helps more small businesses succeed by providing underserved business owners with access to the same people, products, and services as their more privileged counterparts. We explore when community-specific programming makes sense and reframe the entrepreneurial narrative to open the hearts and minds of stakeholders to combat prejudice, and activate ALL stakeholders to do their part, ANY small business can succeed.

Create Equal Opportunity for Underserved SMBs

Working together with Impact Partners who know their communities best, we provide Small Business Owners from
diverse locations, economies, races, religions, gender associations, ages, and physical abilities with best-in-class structure and support and access to peer, business, and
capital networks.

Improve the Cultural Competency of Small Business Support

By leveraging data generated through our SaaS platform and the insights and experiences of the Impact Partners, we identify opportunities to improve small business support products and services’ cultural competency.

Use Storytelling to Shift Perspectives

In partnership with artists, creatives, storytellers, and filmmakers, we are using stories of the participating Small Business Owners to create multimedia installations and projects and reframe the story of entrepreneurship.

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Want To Get Involved?

A New Impact5x Program will start in 2023. If you would like to take part as an Impact Partner, Impact Strategist, or Corporate Partner, let’s chat!

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