Our potential market is huge. There are hundreds of thousands of organizations, servicing the vulnerable sector, including  Schools, Churches, DayCares, Senior Centres, Transportation companies, Community Centres, Municipalities, Arts programs, etc.  They all have hundreds of precious reasons to achieve the HIGHEST STANDARD of abuse prevention and protection.  SLAP gave me razor focus on where to focus my attention.  We were able to identify our Ideal Client, who was driven to achieve the HIGHEST STANDARD of abuse prevention and protection, and identify where to invest our energies and time.  I have learned if your market is everyone; you tend to sell to no one.  Today we are selling!  Last year we reached 102% of our target goals.  SLAP has helped me establish a plan and helps me stay on plan.  If I veer off, I am SLAPPED back into action.  I am a big believer in accountability and SLAPgives me this accountability on a regular basis.  This coming year we are striving for a 20% increase in sales.  Thank you SLAP!


Toronto, Canada

Do you work with kids?  You probably need a plan to protect them.