My wife and I have owned our own business for 6 years now. Owning our own business has allowed me to do what I am good at, and really enjoy. Given the poor statistics relating to new business life expectancy, we gratefully celebrated our two and five year milestones. Still, it was evident that our business was not growing. Through the training provided by Silver Linings we began to understand the power behind the words “if your not growing your dying”. We also began to see our business, Family Piece LLC, as a living asset. Family Piece is an asset because it provides a platform for us to enrich those around us while providing for those who share our vision and join our staff. We say our business is living because it has needs, it grows and changes, it’s capacity to help us bring good to the world deepens – but only if it’s needs are attended to. Our focus the first six years was on producing, and every great business does need to produce a great product. Yet, we have found that all production and no development makes our business weak. For the first time our business has a detailed and action orient plan that identifies our sales goals. We know exactly what we want to do this year, how we are going to do it, and the specific steps each month that will get us there! The people at Silver Lining walked with us each step. They encouraged us, challenged us, and when necessary had “interventions” on our behalf! They are serious about bringing value to my business and helping build supporting structure in our work. We don’t have to just survive, we are learning what it takes to so much more!


Kokomo, USA

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