As companies worldwide continue to struggle, Thank You Small Business revives its mission to not only thank small businesses but to help them grow and succeed

NEW YORK CITY, NY (October 7, 2013) Thank You Small Business (TYSB), a movement determined to change the economy one small business at a time, is launching Phase 2 efforts to further their mission of delivering support to small businesses to help them grow and succeed. This new phase will kick off on October 7 with the first official Thank You Small Business Book Launch party in New York City, and will feature several new initiatives to promote further awareness of this global movement.

Small businesses are the backbone of our economy yet they are largely unsupported, ignored and opposed. Carissa Reiniger, the founder and author of The Thank You Small Business book has dedicated her career to understanding the landscape and economic impact small business has on the economy. This book is not only an ode to small business but it explores how small businesses impact the economy and how different entities can better support these business leaders to give them the resources they need to succeed.

In a world captivated by the glamorized façade of social networks and tech startups, the Thank You Small Business Book tells the impactful story of the small business owner and where the true heart of our economy lives. Additionally, the book highlights what could happen if small business success rates increase and encourages readers to simply say thank you for all the contributions they make to our global economy everyday.

“I truly believe that if we are able to help support small business growth globally we will be able to create a successful economy where everyone thrives,” said Reiniger. “Small business is my passion, whether it’s working with a young entrepreneur or someone who has been running a family business for 30 years, my job is to support these leaders and make sure they have the resources to be successful.”

During Phase 2, TYSB will launch new initiatives such as Random Acts of Thank You, which allows anyone to nominate a small business in need of support or services. Once a week throughout Phase 2, various small business owners will be chosen to receive a gift that has been donated by one of TYSB’s global partners and other supporters of the movement. Additionally, TYSB will continue to feature their popular webinar series, offering advice and educational resources to small business owners. In Phase 2, TYSB will also work with business owners across the globe to set up 100 local events that connect small business owners with each other as well as thought leaders in their communities to further establish a channel of support and guidance.

The Official Thank You Small Business Book Launch will be held at Wix Lounge located at 235 West 23rd Street in New York City on October 7 from 7 – 9 PM. This event is free and open to the public and will feature a presentation by Carissa Reiniger. If you are interested in attending the event, you can register here. Additionally, if you are interested in pre-ordering The Thank You Small Business Book you can do so, here.

About Thank You Small Business
Thank You Small Business™ is an initiative of Silver Lining Ltd. that was created in January 2013 as a three month campaign to help the world understand how vitally important it is that we all help small businesses grow and succeed. The response from this campaign was so successful that it has been upgraded from a campaign to a movement that will continue to run in phases, with each consisting of different components and lasting for different amounts of time. Phase 2 of the movement began in the fall of 2013 with help from its global partners Silver Lining Ltd, LeTip International, Nespresso, Pipeline Deals, PostNet, Presti & Naegele, and Realview Digital. Thank You Small Business is a big movement in support of small businesses. We are on a mission to, literally, change the economy by helping more small businesses grow.

For more information about Thank You Small Business visit or visit us on Facebook or Twitter. You can find the highlights from Phase 1 here.