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A Note On Pay What You Can

Hello SLAPsters!

As you know, we believe that small business is a tool for justice.  Thank you for all you do!  When you succeed you give your family opportunities, create jobs, restore your community and create a more just economy.  

Our mission is to help as many small business owners succeed as is humanly possible and as a part of that, we are committed to ensuring SLAP is accessible to all.  This is why we have our Pay What You Can (PWYC) Policy.  About 20% of SLAPsters used the PWYC policy before COVID-19 and today, 99% of SLAPsters do.  We are incredibly happy that PWYC has allowed us to support so many wonderful SLAPsters, including you, during these past few years.  

The demand for SLAP™ is growing and we want to be able to expand the number of small businesses that we support with PWYC.  Part of our ability to do that is by distributing our PWYC subsidization budget as widely as possible.  With that in mind, as well as the upward swing that we know many of you are seeing in your businesses, we are asking you to review your current economic reality and Pay What You Can rate. 

We typically recommend that your Pay What You Can rate is 2% of your annual Sales Goal / divided by 12 months.  For example, if your 1 Year Sales Goal is $75,000 USD, your recommended monthly Pay What You Can rate would be $125 USD / month.

  • Step 1:   $75,000 (1 Year SLAP Financial Goal)  x 0.02 = $1,500 
  • Step2:   $1,500 / 12 (Months) = $125 (recommended Pay What You Can rate)

If you find your calculated PWYC rate is much higher than you can afford, then your 1 Year Sales Goal might be unrealistically high.  SLAP™ is all about alignment and we know that you will succeed when you have a realistic (and exciting!) 1 Year Sales Goal, a commitment to the structure and support that SLAP™ gives you and a PWYC rate that is in alignment with both of those things.

If you would like to adjust your PWYC rate, you can use the PWYC adjustment functionality on your SLAP Payments page in SLAPcenter.

More importantly, if you want to use this opportunity to review your SLAP and ensure your 1 Year Goal is correct and that you are fully maximizing the complete SLAPxperience to ensure you really do hit your goals, then simply email support@smallbizsilverlining.com and we will get you set up with a SLAP™ Review Call!

As always, I am so grateful for this incredible global community of small business owners, including YOU!