We want to help you help the small businesses you work with.


Franchises and Brokerage Firms


We love coming on board to be “business development in a box” for mid sized firms and franchisors that want to help their franchisees / reps / advisors / agents be as successful as possible.   One of our favorite franchise partners is Urban Mattress.  Their franchisees each have a SLAP to get really really really focused and clear on how they can drive sales.  We have a ton of fun with them, the franchisees win and Urban Mattress wins.


Shared Workspaces


We work with shared workspaces to put together SLAP programs that allow you to not just give your businesses space- but also to really help them grow.   Our partnership with CSI NY is a ton of fun!  We do regular free SLAPsessions for their members, give their members a special rate on our SLAP programs and do Group SLAP activities for all of their members who are doing SLAP.   CSI is bringing them a valuable tool, creating culture and community AND we send a donation back to CSI for every member who signs up for SLAP.

Professional Associations


We love working with associations that have small business owners as members.  We give them a huge member perk without them having to spend any time or money to deliver on this added value for their members.  In our partnerships with associations we help them help their members grow their businesses without the association having to invest the resources that would be necessary to create a program like this for their members.

Economic Development Agencies


We work with economic development agencies to help them build programs to support their local small businesses. As municipalities, states/provinces and countries have mandates to create more small business growth in their areas, we provide the practical and tangible program to realize that mission.  One of our favorite partnerships is a state wide SLAP training tour and SLAPbootcamp program with Main Street New Jersey.  MSNJ then funded 10 small businesses from NJ to go through the full year SLAP program.

Looking to get in touch for partnership information? Reach out to Matt Hughes