Silver Lining

Nominations are now OPEN for 100 NYC SMBs to win one of 100 Thank You Prizes worth $10 000 each.

I Love NYC SMB is an initiative of Thank You Small Business aiming to celebrate and support small business owners for all that they do.

When I saw small businesses and NYC – two of my favorite things – struggling, I knew we had to do something. I Love NYC SMB is an act of love to the SMBs that have given so many of us, so much.” — Carissa Reiniger, Founder & CEO of Silver Lining

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, March 18, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — One year ago today, New York City went into lockdown. In an instant, every small business owner in the 5 boroughs had their dreams and their livelihoods thrown into chaos. When the pandemic eventually subsides, roughly one-third of the city’s 240,000 small businesses may never reopen, according to a report by the Partnership for New York City, an influential business group.

It has been a year of unprecedented challenges and losses for many small business owners. Still, despite being thrown a “curveball,” many small business owners in New York City have demonstrated the grit, creativity, resilience, and hustle that is truly “New York.” Every day we see the cost of the pandemic, but we can also see the incredible innovation, generosity, and kindness that it has inspired.

And with this in mind, we are proud to launch a Thank You Small Business Initiative – I Love NYC SMB – to celebrate, support, and thank New York City small business owners for all that they have done and will do not just to survive the pandemic but to help rebuild our communities and the economy.

Nominations are now open for New York City-based small business owners to win one of 100 Thank You Prizes with a value over $10,000 each, which includes:

– Business planning, structure, and support through the SLAP™ program
– (Optional) Access to fair, unsecured loans based 100% on their behavior (not credit score).
– Participation in a Mastermind group with 9 other winning business owners.
– Virtual Connects with the other 100 SMBs to find ways to work together, buy from each other and support each other.
– Featured in a series of fundraising concerts produced by Arkai, of which 100% of all donations will be split evenly between the 100 small business owners.
– Profile in a public marketing campaign asking New Yorkers to #buyfromsmallbusiness and to spend their money as an investment into re-creating the city we all want – one full of diverse, thriving small businesses that create culture, heart, and character in all of our communities.

To be eligible, businesses must meet the following criteria:

– Stayed in NYC.
– Kept their business going and found ways to innovate and create.
– Not only survived as a small business in the midst of a pandemic but gave to others and contributed to helping their community get through this difficult period.

“I moved to New York 12 years ago and have been inspired by the city every single day since then. I have been working with small business owners for over 15 years. I am continually amazed by their passion, commitment, and contribution. It motivates me to find ways to serve and support them to accomplish their dreams. When I saw small business owners and New York City – two of my favorite things – struggling, I knew we had to do something. I Love NYC SMB is an act of love to the city and the small businesses that have given so many of us so much.” Silver Lining Founder & CEO.

Nominations are now open and close on April 31, 2021.
We will announce the 100 winners by May 2021.
All details are available at ilovesmallbiz.nyc