Silver Lining

Are You Ready To Grow Your Business?

MoTIV has partnered with Silver Lining to bring you the structure and support you need to succeed. We are to excited help you grow your small business and is making the Silver Lining Action Plan (SLAP™) available for Small Business Owners in our network. If you have received this link, you are invited to apply for one of the spots.

This Opportunity Is For You If You Are...


You have what it takes to commit to a 12-month process that will get real results.


You own and operate your small business and your primary source of capital is revenue.


Your business has existing revenue and it is your full time career.


You know it is time to take control of your time and create the business you want.


You are ready for real change and not just looking for another webinar or grant.


You have been referred for this program!

It's Time For a SLAP™!

With the guidance of our SLAPexperts, build your Action Plan, track your actions, sales, and progress on your SLAPcenter dashboard. Schedule calls, access tools, connections, special deals, and more–all in one simple platform.

With the guidance of our experts, build your Action Plan, track your actions, sales, and progress on your SLAPcenter dashboard. Schedule calls, access tools, connections, special deals, and more–all in one simple platform.

Need help with your strategy? Have questions about your action plan? Every month, you have a 1 hour session with a SLAP-certified successful business owner who has devoted their time to help small businesses succeed (our SLAPstrategists).

Our SLAPexperts know the program inside and out. They can help you if you are stuck, answer any questions you have, help you adjust your actions and goals, keep you accountable, and guide you toward the right opportunities that align with your goals.

Upskill with the knowledge you need to hit your goals. We host several monthly SLAPschool Live events where you can learn specific skills that align with your action plan.

Make the right connections, collaborate, earn new business, get featured and profiled, and more, by being an active member of the community. There is no shortage of offers and opportunities in SLAPworld. 

Business owners who are part of the SLAP program can qualify for capital based purely on their actions and behavior on the program.

Our community of Small Business Owners, Partners, and Advocates share resources and spaces to exchange knowledge and support. All of them are united by our mission to help small businesses achieve their goals!

Pricing And Commitment

Because these are highly valuable spots, and because we know that the only way to succeed is to be fully committed, all successful participants in this program must commit to the following:

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Small Business Owners Like You

Who received the structure and support they need to set and hit their goals

“Since I started my first SLAPyear,
I have noticed a huge difference
in how organized my thoughts
are with regards to my business,
especially because the program
provides a visual representation
of my month to month tasks and
goals. SLAP has truly helped me
plan ahead and think big, which
has been integral to
my recent success!”

41 Winks

“Being a part of SLAP has helped
me to continue to strive to
expand my business. The
experience and encouragement
from the staff have really helped
me to grow my confidence and
not give up during hard times in
business. Running a business has
its challenges, doing it alone is
very hard, but having a team
makes a tremendous
difference to stay on track.”

Jalen's Bakery

“I now understand better why I
need to get focused and where
my focus should go. I also
learned how to continually
reevaluate my business
practices to make them more
streamlined and effective in
generating revenue. I would
highly recommend SLAP to any
small businesses that need

E218 Events Management