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Let's Strive For Silver

In a world that has become obsessed with tech start-ups, guru business leaders, raising millions and selling for billions, we are advocating for business owners to run organizations where their mindset and wellness, profit and impact are in alignment.  We believe that business is a powerful tool for justice and that it is time for all organizations to be profitable, sustainable and doing core work that drives real change.

Small Is Big

When small business owners succeed, more kids go to school, jobs are created, communities are restored and the economy grows.  It is important that we all celebrate, support and thank small business owners by choosing community over convenience and buying from small businesses.  All economic data shows that small business is, in fact, big and all of our small actions add up to big change!

We Must Change The Economy, One Small Business At A Time

When given access to adequate structure and support, small business owners can and will succeed.  It is urgent that the small business industry improves the technical assistance (small business support) and access to capital (debt and alternative equity) products and solutions that we are giving to small business owners.  The small business success rate has not changed in decades, but neither have the solutions that we have been offering  – it is time for a modern solution to the age-old problem of small business success, with a focus on economic justice along with economic development.  

Small Businesses Really Can Succeed

The SLAP™ Methodology teaches that Commitment is a Choice, Profit is a Skill, Success is Science and Mindset is a Muscle.  When any small business owner, regardless of demographic details, applies these principles with the support of SLAP’s tech-enabled, data-driven behavior change science SaaS product, they can (and do!) succeed.  Our SLAP data shows that there is no silver bullet, but there is a Silver Lining!

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Let's Strive For Silver

In today’s society, there is an obsession with being number one.  What if we were all silver instead of just some of us getting gold?  If gold is about the individual, silver is about the collective. If gold is about winning, silver is about justice. If gold is sacrificing everything at all costs, silver is about alignment of mindset, profit and impact. 

Gold is not working  – it’s time for a new definition of success.  In this session learn actionable and practical tips for how you can Strive for Silver and live into a new version of business where we all win. 

Format:  Interview (15-30 min), Keynote (30 min), Keynote with Q&A (60 min)

Alternative Title(s):  1) Create A New Definition Of Success For You & Your Business, 2) Get A Sneak Peak Into Carissa Reiniger’s Newest Book, Striving For Silver (Out in 2025!)

How To Create Real Change

The entrepreneurs of today have bought into a false narrative that the only form of growth is fast that and that raising millions and selling for billions is the way to succeed.  But real change doesn’t happen fast.  If we want to see more small businesses succeed and if we want to create a more just global economy, we need to be focused on long-term, sustainable change.  Behavior Change Science provides the framework and lessons for how we can all optimize our behaviors in order to create real, lasting change.  

In this session learn the basics of behavior change science and how to apply those principles to business. 

Format:  Interview (15-30 min), Keynote (30 min), Keynote with Q&A (60 min)

Alternative Title(s):  1) Learn Behavior Change Science For Business

Business Is A Tool For Justice

For far too long the role of business has been to make a profit, move that money into a foundation and then give it away to the non-profits tasked with doing good.  This system is not working.  Organizations of the future must be profitable, sustainable and creating social good, regardless of how they file their taxes. 

In this session learn how Silver Lining has created a proudly-for-profit business with a somewhat radical business model – including Pay-What-You-Can pricing, a redistribution of all profit back to their team each year and a decision to say no to outside investors in order to protect their customers.   While you don’t have to do what Silver Lining has done, learn practical and actional ideas for how you can use the resources in your business to create a more just world. 

Format:  Interview (15-60 min), Keynote (30 min), Keynote with Q&A (60 min)

Alternative Title(s):  1) 5 Things You Can Do Now To Create Social Change Through Your Business, 2) Why Silver Lining is Proudly For Profit and Radically Committed To Economic Justice

Small Is Big

Global economic, political, technology and health trends all look and feel ominous and when we try to think of the solution to any of the big problems our society faces, there is no clear answer. Unfortunately, we will never find one big answer to all of these problems, but we can find real and practical solutions by focusing on small actions that add up to big results. 

In this session learn about the global trends that are impacting all of us and see the stats that show that helping small business owners succeed is the answer to so many of the problems that we are currently facing. There is no silver bullet, but there is a Silver Lining!

Format:  Interview (15 min), Keynote (30 min), Keynote with Q&A (60 min)

Alternative Title(s):  1) SMB’s Impact On Global Politics & Economy

Thank You, Small Business

Being a small business owner is a thankless job.  So often, small business owners put it all on the line to build their business, sacrificing and risking everything to create a business that benefits so many others.   If we recognize the impact that small business owners have on our families, job creation, communities and economy, we must take responsibility to celebrate, support and thank small business owners for their contributions.

In this session understand how critical small business owners are and how you can create a better world for them and all of us by pledging to buy from small business and moving money into the small business economy.

Format:  Interview (15 min), Workshop (60 min)

Alternative Title(s):  1)  Do 5 Actions To Celebrate, Support And Thank Small Business Owners, Right Now!

A Modern Approach To The Age Old Problem Of Small Business

The small business industry has been using the same training and coaching models for decades and, not surprisingly, small business success rates have not improved.   The world is changing rapidly, along with the needs that small business owners have and it is increasingly urgent that we modernize technical assistance and access to capital.  Small business owners need tech-enabled, data-driven support that is affordable, scalable and can offer them sustained, long term strategic support with a primary focus on helping them build profitable and sustainable businesses. 

In this session learn Silver Lining’s approach to SMB First Design & Innovation and how you can apply the deep insights they have after spending almost 20 years and 10M dollars in research and development as they have supported tens of thousands of small business owners in 76 countries around the world.

Format:  Interview (15-60 min), Keynote (30 min), Keynote with Q&A (60 min),  Workshop (90 min)

Alternative Title(s):  1) Do A Technical Assistance Audit Of Your Offerings, 2) Silver Lining’s SMB First Design Principles Applied To Your SMB Offering

The Small Business Capital Stack

Most small business owners and industry leaders spend much of their time and energy talking about access to capital. This is leading to an over reliance on debt, equity investment and grants.   Silver Lining has designed the SMB Capital Stack with the goal of teaching small business owners and leaders that the most important type of SMB capital is profitable sustainable revenue.  Before a small business owners should consider anything else, they must have the right business strategy and confidence that they can generate profitable and sustainable revenue.  Only then, should they consider debt (if it is fair), equity investment (only if done totally different than traditional venture capital) and grants (only for rewards and in crisis).   In this session, learn how to rethink the SMB Capital Stack to set small business owners and the small business industry up for much better success.

Format:  Interview (15-30 min), Keynote (30 min), Keynote with Q&A (60 min)

Alternative Title(s):  1) No More Debt & Grants, It Is Time For Profitable, Sustainable Revenue, 2) First, Profitable, Sustainable Revenue, Then Access To Capital, 3) Technical Assistance Must Come Before Access To Capital

Why Small Businesses Fail (And How To Change It)

Time and money are the two most critical resources for every small business owner.  When you ask any small business owner what they need, they say, “more time and money”.   When you ask them how they can create more time, they say they need money.  When you ask them how they can create more money, they say they need more time.  This is the Cashflow-Capacity-Catch-22.  Based on almost 2 decades of data and working with tens of thousands of small business owners, our strong belief is that most small business owners have enough time and money, it is just not being spent well.  

In this session learn the intricacies of the Cashflow-Capacity-Catch-22 and how to  spend the time and money that you have in the best possible ways to dramatically increase your chance of success. 

Format:  Interview (15-45 min), Keynote (30 min), Keynote with Q&A (60 min),  Workshop (90 min)

Alternative Title(s):  1) Why The Cashflow Capacity Catch 22 Makes Or Breaks A Small Business, 2) How To Grow A Small Business With Limited Time & Money, 3) Small Business Owners Have Enough Time & Money; A Different Perspective On Why Small Businesses Fail

SLAP Your Small Business!

The Silver Lining Action Plan (SLAP) is a methodology that has been used by tens of thousands of small business owners in 76 countries around the world to help them set realistic goals and build the plan to actually hit them.  In this session learn the methodology that has helped so many small business owners succeed and follow the prompts to create your own SLAP!

Format: Keynote with Q&A (60 min),  Workshop (120 min)

Alternative Title(s):  1) Build An Action Plan That Will Help You Set & Actually Hit Your Goals, 2) Forget Resolutions, Set & Actually Hit Your Goals, 3) Build A Silver Lining Action Plan For Your Small Businesses And Hit Your Personal, Profit & Impact Goals This Year, 4) Stop Wishing, Hoping or Dreaming, Instead Build Your SLAP and Hit Your Goals!, 5) Profit Is A Skill, Learn It Now!

How To Define Your Ideal Client

The most successful small business owners have a very clear and defined Ideal Client – someone who values your work, pays you, refers others to you and who you enjoy working with.  As a small business owner, you cannot (and should not!) try to sell what you to do everyone, instead you want to be focused on connecting with just your Ideal Client.  

In this session learn how to identify your Ideal Client and build your own Ideal Client avatar to guide your future business decisions and increase your chance of success. 

Format:  Workshop (60 min)

Alternative Title(s):  1) Define Your Ideal Client To Increase Your Profit

How To Create A Simple SLAPstatement That Makes Every Strategic Decision Easy

Many small business owners spend so much time and money defining complex mission and vision statements or work with consultants and coaches to create long term business plans.   The good news is that you really don’t need any of that – all you need is to know exactly what you do, who you do it for and the scale you want to do it on. 

In this session, learn how to make these 3 strategic decisions and put them into a simple format that will give you a quick and easy way to assess all future strategic decisions you need to make. 

Format:  Workshop (60 min)

Alternative Title(s):  1) Know Exactly When To Say Yes And When To Say No As You Maximize Your Profit

How To Set The Right Financial Goals For Your Small Business

The first step in hitting financial goals is making sure we set the right ones.  So often small business owners either set completely unrealistic goals or, just don’t set them at all.  The right goals are measurable, timebound and somewhere between totally ambitious and completely realistic!   Many small business owners avoid talking about money because it feels uncomfortable or unfamiliar.  The good news is that profit is a skill that can be learnt. 

In this session learn how to use the SLAPmethodology and a basic formula to outline your Personal Expenses, Business Expenses, Revenue Streams, Pricing, Variable Costs, Profit Margins and have that information calculate into your Revenue, Profit and Sales Goals.

Format:  Keynote with Q&A (60 min), Workshop (90 min)

Alternative Title(s):  1) Learn How To Set Actionable Goals That You Will Actually Hit, 2) Set Your Businesses Revenue, Profit & Sales Goals In Less Than 90 Minutes, 3)  Use the SLAP Methodology To Maximize Your Profitable, Sustainable Revenue,  4) Figure Out Your Revenue Streams, Sales Goals and Pricing in 90 Minutes or Less!

How To Find New Customers Without A Lot Of Time Or Money

Small business owners spend so much time, money and energy on marketing and business development strategies that don’t work.   The good news is that if you stop marketing and selling, and instead, focus on connecting with your ideal client, you can spend less time and money and increase your revenue and profit. 

In this session, you will learn the the SLAPmethodology’s 10 Connecting Strategies and how to identify the ones that will work best for your business and how to take immediate action to implement them and close new business!

Format:  Keynote with Q&A (60 min), Workshop (120 min)

Alternative Title(s):  1) Learn How To Use SLAP’s Connecting Strategies To Find New Customers, 2) Stop Marketing and Selling and Start Connecting With Your Ideal Client To Increase Revenue and Profit

The 3 Habits That Will Help You Succeed At Any Goal You Set

The SLAPmethodology teaches that Mindset Is A Muscle, and like any other muscle, we need to do regular reps to stay in shape.  Having a strong Mindset is one of the most critical elements of being a successful business owner and in this session we will teach you 3 habits to implement into your routines that will build your Mindset muscle and help you achieve your goals.

Format:  Interview (15-30 min), Keynote (30 min), Keynote with Q&A (60 min), Workshop (90 – 120 min)

Alternative Title(s):  1) Mindset Is A Muscle – Build Yours With These 3 Simple Habits, 2) Take Control Of Your Time And Change Your Business (& Life!), 3) You Don’t Have To Be Busy, Do These 3 Things Instead,  4) Do 3 Simple Things And Increase Your Chance Of Success By 80%

How To Know When You Are Stuck And Get Unstuck

Being a small business owner is hard and it is totally normal to feel Stuck throughout the journey.  Instead of putting unrealistic pressure on ourselves to always stay “in flow”, it is critical to learn how to identify when we are Stuck and implement interventions to get Unstuck.

In this session you will learn Silver Lining’s 4 Stages of Stuck (I’m too busy, I’m Overwhelmed, “I’ve Lost My Passion” and “I Want To Quit”) and the practical and actionable interventions that you can do to get Unstuck and back into action!

Format:  Interview (15-30 min), Keynote (30 min), Keynote with Q&A (60 min), Workshop (90 min)

Alternative Title(s):  1) You Don’t Have To Be A Busy, Overwhelmed & Exhausted Small Business Owner, 2) Learn The Simple Interventions That Will Get You Unstuck, 3) We All Get Stuck, Learn How To Get Unstuck

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We Have 2 Main Variations Of Logos: Rectangle & Square

The rectangle version of the logo is the full version. We use the rectangle logo on the first mention of the brand. The parent logo is the exception. Silver Lining has only one logo version. Not all products have a square version, for example, our program logos only come in rectangle.

Rectangle usage: 

On websites – we use the rectangle logo as the main logo on a website header. 

On documents – the first time the logo shows, we use the long version.

Square usage:

We use the square version of the logo on subsequent mentions. 

Social media: we always use the square logo on social media posts, which we also consider as our favicon.


Using Color Variations – Digital

  • Use the appropriate colors to represent the correct brands
    • Black, Silver and white: Silver Lining
    • Blue: SLAP
    • Green: SLAPcapital and Sales Goals
    • Yellow: TYSB and Pause & Reflect

All digital assets are templated: social media, email headers, collaterals, slides and documents, as well as website. 

Use only the approved templates

  • The general rule is we use the highlight colors as callouts, banners, and other elements that we use to highlight information.


  • Silver Lining is two words, with a capital “S” and “L” and no “s” (not Silver Linings!)
  • Spell out the Silver Lining Action Plan on first mention and then shift to acronym
  • SLAP™ is always in all caps with the TM sign
  • All “SLAPisms” start with SLAP in all caps followed by the secondary word in all lower case without a space between (i.e. SLAPcenter)

Bio & Speaking Topics

  • Bios for each Silver Spokesperson are downloadable above.   Names, Titles and Bios must be used exactly as is outlined in the downloadable document.   If any changes  or alterations are needed, email media@smallbizsilverlining.com to request approval. 
  • The Speaking Topics and Descriptions outlined above are approved copy.  Titles and Descriptions must be used exactly as is written. In some instances, alternate titles are provided below the description copy and those are authorized for use without the need to request approval.   If any changes or alterations are needed, email media@smallbizsilverlining.com