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Silver Lining and Kukura Business Accelerator are committed to helping African Small Businesses reach their financial goals


You are the soul of your local community, and you drive your economy by creating opportunities for your family and jobs for those who need them. 

The African Small Business Growth Strategy has a singular focus: to give you the structure, support, and access that you deserve so that you can accomplish your goals and live your dreams!

The African Small Business Growth Strategy is designed to give you the structure and support you need to reach your financial goals.

The Silver Lining Action Plan has helped 14,000+ Small Business Owners in 36+ countries build more profitable and sustainable businesses. Silver Lining’s mission is to help every business owner make money doing what they love and to change the economy, one small business at a time. If you are successful at getting one of the spots in the African Small Business Growth Strategy, you can expect the following:


  1. Build Your Action Plan

You will go through a 3-hour guided process to help you think about your values and priorities and set a time budget. You will then evaluate and define key strategic elements of your business, including your What, Who, and Scale. Next, you will enter your expenses, revenue, pricing, and revenue breakdown and ensure you have the best financial plan for your business as well as 12 months of sales goals. Finally, you will build a detailed 12-month business development plan to ensure you have a detailed strategy for connecting with new clients to hit your sales goals.

  1. Get Comprehensive Support 

Once your program is built, you will get comprehensive support for the next 12 months to ensure you implement your plan and hit your goals! Behavior change science says that if you wrap the right kind of structure and support around yourself and fully take advantage of our 360-degree approach, your chances of success dramatically increase. You get access to everything behavior change says you need in order to hit your financial goals which includes coaching, accountability, training, templates, tools, community, and much more!


SLAPloans is a revolutionary way to access capital designed by experts alongside Small Business Owners. Unlike traditional loans, we believe that there is no better risk than Small Business. This is why SLAPloans are unsecured and qualification is 100% based on the behavior of Small Business Owners–not on traditional criteria like banking information and credit scores! 

Based On Behavior

Not credit scores, cash flow, or collateral- all things we know are hard to keep perfect while building a business


Every decision we make is small business first- including total transparency on our approval algorithm and agreement terms.

Right-Sized Loans

Loan size is dependent on the size of the business so they don't take on too much debt.

We Grow Together

As we help SMBs grow their business and optimize their behavior and result, we both win and grow together.

Our Partners

Zimbabwe Tourism Authority

ZTA has a mandate of developing, managing, promoting and marketing Zimbabwe as a tourist destination in both the local and international markets.


BancABC provides Atlas Mara with a multi-country, multi-product platform in high growth markets in Southern Africa

First Capital Bank

With a solid track record of financial strength and stability FMBcapital Holdings plc aims to be a leading provider of financial services in the region

Apply Today

This program is best for SMBs who: 

→ are COMMITTED to growth.
→ are OWNER-OPERATED & bootstrapped.
→ have been in operation for at least 1 YEAR.
→ have their business as a full-time career and is PRIMARY SOURCE OF INCOME.
→ have been REFERRED BY KBA or Partners.
→ are interested in optimizing behavior to become eligible for a SILVER LINING FINANCE LOAN.
→ are SERIOUS about growth and committed to building a business that has a positive impact.

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