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The Pride of Buffalo

Jalen Law's SLAPstory

Jalen Law is a proud son of Buffalo, New York. His love for art and entrepreneurial spirit has been consistent throughout his life. By age five, he created comic books and sold them to his classmates.

Jalen, however, noticed something missing from his college art education. “I was a Sophomore attending university,” Jalen recalled, “and I was frustrated with the academic infrastructure. As an Art major, I trained in the history, theory, and practice of art making; however, I needed more business development to build a sustainable art career.” After his Spring semester, he started The Jalen Collection, LLC. Jalen decided to take his destiny in his own hands and train himself on how to be a true creative entrepreneur, including signing up for the American Small Business Growth Program and becoming a SLAPster.

While Jalen is just getting started with SLAP™ he is already seeing some really exciting successes. In his first quarter working with SLAP™ he exceeded his sale’s goal by three times! Smashing his sales goal not only means profit, but it means he is living his favorite part of business ownership. “What I love about being a business owner,” he explained, “is the ability to channel my creativity into developing a product or service that can benefit a large collective of people. To witness that process and receive compliments and compensation for a service that started as a vision in my mind amazes me every time.”

Actions = Results

Because Jalen is becoming such a high performer, let’s explore how he accomplished his results.

Q: As you reflect on where you are today and where you were before using SLAP™- what has been the biggest change in your behavior?

Jalen Law: My biggest challenge throughout each phase of my business journey has been me. There were points in my journey where I recognized that my mindset — as well as my “emotional-set” — was not in alignment with who I needed to become to achieve my business goals. Once I came to that realization, and I found tools to expand my toolbox to resolve misalignments and accomplish the things I seek.

Q: What impact do you think that shift in behavior has had in your business? And in your life?

JL: The shifts I’ve been able to make as a business owner have increased the opportunities I’ve been able to attract to do what I love most — channeling my creativity and crafting projects that can benefit the collective. To witness that process and receive compliments and compensation from something a service that was first visualized in my mind amazes me every time.

SLAPcommunity Call Out

No one succeeds alone, and SLAP supplies all of our small business owners with an incredible system of support. Here, SLAPsters get to brag on the folks who helped them become SLAPstars!

Q: We know that no one builds a successful business alone. How has the SLAPcommunity of SLAPexperts, SLAPstrategists, partners, programs, events, or opportunities impacted your growth?

Since day one SLAP and their team of mentor’s emphasized the importance of getting my internal house in order before generating leads, sending an email or promoting a discount. From strategy to mindset resource’s SLAP has provided me this has been helped me significantly improve my self-aware, self-management skills to handle both life and business challenges. My SLAPstrategist has not only helped me become a better entrepreneur, she has helped me become a better human being.

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While purchasing Jalen’s art would be a gift and to your collection, he is also an accomplished muralist and educator. One of his most exciting offerings is his Emotional Intelligence Program. Merging his artistic expertise with his training as a special education teacher, Jalen has developed a series of workshops that teach students and their caretakers how to understand and regulate their emotions. In a time where stress is effecting the lives of young people all over the world, Jalen’s Emotion Intelligence Program is a required addition to school curriculae all over the country.