“Talent is equal. Opportunity is not!”

Silver Lining has worked with thousands of small business owners from around the world to help them build more profitable and sustainable businesses. Based on our experience and data, we believe that when anyone is given the right structure and support, and when they embrace it and fully utilize it, they CAN succeed. We know that we live in a world where not everyone is given an equal chance of success, and we are on a mission to change that.

One way we plan to do that is by scouring the globe for 50 bright, ambitious, and determined small business owners who want to increase their profitability and sustainability. We are going to give you full access to our SLAP Program, support from our program partner, Alice, storytelling training, practical business training, connections to people who can help you, and a platform for you to share the story of you and your business globally.

We intend to show that when you gather a group of diverse business owners who represent a wide range of continents, religions, races, gender-associations, ages and special needs and wrap the right support structure around them, not only will they succeed; but they will change the lives of their families, team members, communities and ultimately create a stronger economy. That is the power of small business!


… is for small businesses who:

are COMMITTED to growth.
are OWNER-OPERATED & bootstrapped.
have been in operation for at least 2 YEARS.
have your business as a full-time career and is your PRIMARY SOURCE OF INCOME.
→ are SERIOUS about making a commitment and agree to contribute a small Pay-What-You-Can fee to secure a spot in the program, whether that is 5$, 50$ or 150$ per month.

→  COMMIT to be part of our Impact 50 documentary series by contributing storytelling content around your SLAP journey on a monthly basis.  


… successfully, you can expect:

 → a 12-month ACTION PLAN , not an outdated business plan.
a robust BEHAVIOR CHANGE PROGRAM , helping you develop habits that result in long-term growth.
ongoing training, support, and accountability to build a more PROFITABLE, SUSTAINABLE business.
a full year support structure to GET RESULTS not just another seminar or workshop.
TRAINING, SUPPORT & TEMPLATES around telling your story and finding your voice.
WEEKLY TRAINING webinars, resources and templates – everything you need to get the best results.
connections to other business owners, special offers, fun contests and marketing OPPORTUNITIES TO GROW your business.


… for a spot in the program!

We are actively recruiting small business owners who represent every continent, age, race, religion, gender association, and special needs. We want to give 50 of you a spot in this program and show the world that when anyone is given the right structure and support, they can succeed! Simply fill out the application form below to get started!

Thanks to our partnership with Hello Alice, a free platform that guides business owners through the growth of their company, even if you do not get a spot in our Impact 50 program, you will get a ton of valuable resources and support to help you along your journey.