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Additional Resources

Additional Resources

Evaluate Your Business


Knowing your why.

Defining your target audience.

Researching the competition.

What you should include in a marketing plan.

Website Building


Creating a website plan to support your business goals.

What information do you need on your site?

Write content that boosts your search rankings.


Increasing site traffic.

Build your brand reputation & loyalty.

Creating a sales strategy for your online store.

Marketplaces (For GODADDY’s Website +Marketing Stores).

Using customer service to keep em’ coming back.


What is SEO?

What are keywords?

Getting started with Google’s Keyword Planner.

Creating a keyword seed list.

Finding your business or industry keywords.

Finding the keywords your target audience uses.

Aligning your keywords & business goals.

Using keywords in your on-page content.

Using keywords in your source code.

Using keywords to optimize your images.

Email Marketing

Launching your email marketing in four steps.

Developing compelling email CTAs.

Ensuring your emails look professional.

Building your email subscriber list.

Setting goals for your email marketing.

Measuring email performance.

Social Media

How small businesses can use social media.

Choosing your social media platforms.

Time saving social media tips for your business.

Get organized with a social media content calendar.

Four ways to Measure Social Media ROI.

Website Security

Understanding online security threats.

Features of a secure website.

Why you need an SSL.

Why your site needs to be automatically scanned & monitored.

Choosing The Right Tools

What’s the difference between a domain & a website?

Top tips for choosing a great domain.

Using your domain for your business.

An overview of WordPress & when it might be the right building tool for you.