Silver Lining


What Is A SASS?​

A SASS, or SLAPster-All-Star-Strategist, is a top performing SLAPster who is doing such an incredible job of growing their business that we invite them to push their journey to the next level by not only using SLAP, but also helping others use SLAP.

SASS Qualifying Criteria

SASSers are chosen based on qualifying criteria that include:

  • Complete a minimum of 1 year of SLAP and accomplish over 90% of their 1 Year Sales Goal (which demonstrates the ability to set and hit realistic goals, think strategically, and implement well)
  • Nomination and positive feedback from their SLAPstrategist (which demonstrates that they have earnt the trust and respect of the person who was supporting them in their growth journey)
  • Full adherence to Silver Lining’s Code of Conduct (which demonstrates that they align with our values of JusticeGlobalOthers-OrientedAudaciousIntegrated, and Responsible)
  • Commitment to continue to use SLAP (which demonstrates humility and a commitment to ongoing growth and development)

The Benefits Of Being A SASS


  • A feature in an announcement to the entire Global Community and positioning within it as the high-performing SLAPstar that you are!
  • Increased opportunities to speak, lead, and be a peer leader on an ongoing basis.


  • An inductee welcome package with a few fun prizes (woohoo SLAP Swag!)
  • An Invitation to attend a private annual retreat for just SASSers with our CEO, Carissa Reiniger, to do deeper work, masterminding and collaborating on each of your businesses.

Extra Drive & Challenge For Your Growth!

  • The chance to create a meaningful impact in the lives of 4 other SLAPsters and to seriously increase your own development and growth.  In behavior change science, the concept of becoming a “sponsor” is a really important element of change.  Once you have mastered certain behaviors and habits, the way to continue your own development is to offer your learnings and insight to others.  As a result, you will actually become a SLAPstrategist and do 4 SLAP Strategy Calls/month with SLAPsters who have businesses that are smaller than yours and who can learn from your wisdom and experience.

Silver Lining Success Share!

  • Full participation in Silver Lining’s SLAPstrategist Success Share program which means that you will be amongst the SLAPstrategist group who receives and shares 30% of Silver Lining’s profit at the end of each year!

How To Become A SASS

Becoming a SASS is an invite-only opportunity.  That being said, if you finish your first SLAP Year, set and hit your SLAP Goals and earn the respect of your SLAPstrategist, there is a very good chance you will be invited.

If you would love to be a SASS, we encourage you to email support@smallbizsilverlining.com and book a Hustle Call with a SLAPexpert to make sure your SLAP is set up for success and you attend all of your upcoming SLAP Strategy Calls.

We induct SLAPsters as new SASSers in the second and fourth quarters of each year.