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Jesebel Gumogda: From Pastry Chef To Making Her Own Dough >

Jesebel was born and raised in the Philippines and moved to New York City after graduating from college. Before starting her business, Jezebel was a pastry sous chef in one of the city’s fine dining restaurants. 

In 2015, while she was still working with restaurants, her mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. At that time, she was a pastry sous chef which came with big responsibilities. She wanted to make sure that she was able to fulfill her responsibilities, so she made arrangements to switch her shifts from night to morning for three weeks. The shifts drastically changed causing her shifts to overlap, leaving her with no sleep. This challenge taught her to stand up for herself.

As she grew in her experience and skill, she decided to explore doing her own thing. She started small, testing things out and doing her research. When she realized that she was doing well and that she could take control of her time and income, Jesebel decided to set up Pure Confections. It was something she wanted to build and pass on to her family as part of her legacy.

One of the reasons she started Pure Confections is to have the freedom to spend time with family and loved ones. Even though she knows that growing her business will take time, and that she needs to miss out on family gatherings, quality time with loved ones, and give up time for dating,  she feels she has more control over her personal goals and priorities.