Silver Lining

Brandy Cochrane: For The Love Of Food And Business>

Brandy was born in Baltimore, MD, but now calls New York home. Brandy Cochrane has served creatives and executive leaders for over 10 years as Creative Strategist where she works with aspiring and expanding businesses looking to take their ideas from concept to market. Brandy holds a Fordham University NPO Executive Leader Certification and a Life Coach Certification. She’s also a Certified Plant-Based Culinary Professional.

Her business, Entrepreneur Meal Plan, started as a weekly blog post and evolved into a support community after her post about meals for entrepreneurs drew in such a big audience who connected to the insights she shared. 

Brandy saw a need for entrepreneurs to come together and talk honestly about what it took to be an entrepreneur. Her own journey In growing her business, for example, has been full of sacrifices that many gloss over when talking about running a business. She has given up everything from time with friends and family, neglecting to sleep well, and, at one point, even sacrificing her own health. She felt it was important to create a resource that addressed an issue that’s been glamorized and sanitized for appearances. 

Her greatest challenge professionally has been the ability to balance her personal mission to serve others in a way that makes good business sense. Her commitment to helping people lead fulfilling lives, eat more nutrient dense food, and share their experiences to help others, inspire her. Her work at Entrepreneur Meal Plan allows her to marry both of her passions – food and business – into a wellness solution for entrepreneurs and leaders like herself.