Carissa Reiniger  Featured on Ladies Who Launch
Sarah Tomlinson
May 19, 2009
Source: Ladies Who Launch
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If the average 22-year-old college grad had $5000 in the bank, she might finance a European getaway or — let’s be honest — a Louis Vuitton bag. But Carissa Reiniger took that small sum, plus about $7000 in available credit, and launched Silver Lining Limited out of the condo she owned in downtown Toronto. Thirteen months later, she had opened a second office in Edmonton, and her revenues hit the $1 million dollar mark. Offices in Vancouver, BC and Las Vegas soon followed. Carissa recently celebrated her four-year anniversary by feting her company’s very successful restructuring, which has led her to sell her first three franchises, and raise her profit margins from 11 to 42 percent.   Read Full Article Here