We are always on the lookup for exceptional talent from the world over so don’t hesitate to get in touch with us, where ever you might be located! At Silver Lining, we believe:

that talent is distributed equally but that opportunity is not and so we proudly hire people from all over the world into all levels of positions and are committed to equal pay regardless of gender, location or race.

in performance, results and have a clear “Silver Path” to help people grow in their career. We always prioritize internal promotions and provide management training in order for our employees to thrive and advance.

in being healthy, happy and achieve great work-life balance and so, we developed a culture and wellness program that promotes our team living a good life!






We are looking for a senior level hire to join our Leadership Team for our next stage of growth.  You will oversee our Growth & Experience and Product Teams which requires an undeniable passion for small business, a major interest in behaviour change, and a well rounded skillset with demonstrated success in B2B SaaS, building effective sales and service teams and the ability to oversee UX/process design and product development.  


We are looking for a senior level hire to join our Leadership Team for our next stage of growth. As the director of operations, you will liaise with superiors to make decisions to improve operational activities and set strategic goals, planning and monitor the day-to-day running of business to ensure smooth progress as well as supervising staff from different departments to provide constructive feedback amongst other things!





We are looking for experienced and successful late-career business owners who are ready to pass on the knowledge gained through real-life experience – aka the school of hard knocks!. Our SLAPexperts are our collaborators, advisors and the source of knowledge that we can bring to our small business owners to help them grow.


Our SLAPmanagers are our full time client facing team who are on the front lines – taking great care of our small business owners through their entire SLAPxperience. This is not just another customer service or sales job. It is chance to be a part of a team that is completely dedicated to changing the economy – one small business at a time.


Our business works with partners all over the world and our business development team spends a significant amount of time building, managing and growing those partnerships. Your role would be to assist and coordinate the work of our partnership team.


We are looking for go-getters who get joy when all the t’s have been crossed and I’s have been dotted. You need to be someone who is extremely detail oriented and the type of person who gets great satisfaction out of hitting a deadline.


Play a key role in the design, installation, testing, and maintenance of software systems. The programs you create are likely to help us provide better service and small business owners are more efficient in achieving their goals.


We are always looking for talented writers, designers and videographers who can take our big mission and turn it into stories, case studies, documentaries, profiles, educational content and other compelling communication tools that will teach small businesses how to grow and profile how amazing they are.