Silver Lining

Are You Our Next Silver Person?

We are always looking for values-aligned people who love small business as much as we do! 

At Silver Lining, Work From Anywhere

Countries Our Current Team Live & Work

And Join A Company That Believes...

…that talent is distributed equally but that opportunity is not and so we proudly hire people from all over the world. We are committed to transparent pay regardless of race, color, ancestry, national origin, sexual orientation, marital status, religion, age, disability, or gender identity.

…in performance, results and having a clear “Silver Path” to help people grow in their career. We always prioritize internal promotions and provide management training in order for our team to thrive and advance.

…in being healthy, happy, and achieving great work-life balance. This is why we developed a culture and wellness program that promotes our team living a good life!

The Perks Of Being A Silver Person

Fully Remote

We have been a fully remote company since inception. Our team is spread out across the world and we love our incredible diverse team!

Transparent Compensation Chart

Everyone is paid for the role they have based on our public compensation chart.

Performance Based Pay

Everyone is given the chance to earn additional income based on their personal performance.

Success Share

100% of our company profit is given back to our team on an annual basis.

Silver Holidays

We work hard and rest hard with 3 Silver Holidays (16 business days) every year where we shut down the company and take a break.

Paid Time Away

Everyone gets an additional 22 paid days off per year for Vacation, Wellness Days and Religious/National holidays.

Professional Development

Everyone builds their Silver Path and has access to training, development and our internal Life Coach.

Corporate Chaplain

Our multi-faith and non-denominational chaplain leads team sessions and is available or mental, emotional and spiritual support.

Team Fun

We gather daily for Team Times, celebrate big events with Silver Parties and have 2 Silver Retreats per year to focus on wellness.

All Silver People Are Small Business First and Share Our Values


The quality of being fair and reasonable.


Relating to the whole world; worldwide. Relating to or embracing the whole of something, or a group of things.


Showing a willingness to take surprisingly bold risks.


To be whole or complete and to have the courage to meet the demands of reality.


The conscious effort to put the thoughts, needs, and feelings of others first, without abandoning our own needs.


Able to answer for ones conduct of obligations; trustworthy; being the primary cause of something and so able to be blamed or credited for it.

If You Are A Silver Person, Apply Now!

As we continue to grow Silver Lining we are always looking for Small Business First, mission-driven, values-aligned people to join our team. Because we are fully remote, all are welcome to apply for any position in the company regardless of your location. If you do not see a role that is perfect for you, but you think you could be perfect for us, please complete the General Application form so that we can get to know you and keep you in mind for any future positions we have that come open. If you have any questions about working at Silver Lining, please email team@smallbizsilverlining.com.

Every SLAPsters gets matched to a SLAPstrategist who has built a business 5x greater than theirs and they do monthly 1;1 Strategy Calls. Our SLAPstrategists are successful business owners who have founded a company, and built it to 2M+ in annual revenue (or USD equivalent) and want to help fellow business owners who are a few steps behind them in their journey. All SLAPstrategists profit share in Silver Lining in exchange for their time.

Our SLAPexperts are our front lines team – taking care of our Small Business Owners through their entire SLAPxperience. It is not just another customer service or sales job. It is a chance to be a part of a team that is completely dedicated to changing the economy – one small business at a time.

We are always looking for talented writers, designers, and videographers who can take our big mission and turn it into stories, case studies, documentaries, profiles, educational content, and other compelling communication materials.

Our Developers are the engineering minds behind Silver Lining’s groundbreaking behavior-change success technology! This team writes beautiful code in javascript and C# .NET and is in charge of all code development, deployment, installation, testing, and maintenance.

Silver Lining is looking for a proven professional who cares about small businesses and is looking for a full-time, long-term remote job with a fun and fast-growing company. This role requires someone who not only has the necessary experience working with corporate sponsors or major funding partners but someone who is fun, engaging, warm, highly organized, detail-oriented and can run a tight ship.

Silver Lining is looking for a highly skilled and experienced Director of Finance who cares about small businesses. He/she should be looking for a full-time, long-term remote job with a fun and fast-growing company. As the Director of Finance, you will play a pivotal role in managing our company’s financial operations, driving strategic decision-making, and upholding our values to make a positive impact on our organization and the small businesses we serve.

If you think that you are perfect for Silver Lining and would love to be considered for a role here but do not see an opening that fits your skill set, please complete this application form and we guarantee we will read it and reach out to you if / when we have a position that could be a good match for you.