Silver Lining

Capital That Actually Helps SMBs

Approved based on behavior. Not credit scores, collateral or personal guarantees.

Built With...

A Belief In Small Business

We have a front seat view of the tenacity, resilience, courage and sheer determination of the Small Business Owners that we work with.  We see that they have cashflow issues and challenges, but we also see that they almost always bounce back and keep going.   We have built SLAPcapital with that knowledge – not trying to protect our risk, but instead, truly believeing that there is no better risk than a Small Business Owner. 

An Algorithm Based in Behavior Change Science

With the benefit of a significant amount of SLAP data we understand which behaviors best predict success.  We have built an underwriting model that is based 100% on the behavioral data in SLAPcenter and are convinced that when we lend based on behavior we can increase approval, diversity and repayment rates. 

Our Small Business First Commitment

While we are a business and are committed to running a profitable, sustainable company, we believe that we can do that and still be 100% true to Silver Lining’s commitment to always being Small Business First. 

Transparent dashboard for SMBs to track qualification.

Same interest rate for every SMB so that there is no bias introduced.

Max loan size of 5% of revenue so SMB's debt is right-sized to the business.

Pay What You Can Policy for months when the SMB's cashflow is tight.

SLAP all black@4x

Extra SLAP support (not collections) when SMBs are struggling.

Strategy & Support First

The Silver Lining Action Plan (SLAP™) is a tech-enabled, data-driven SaaS program, based in behavior change science, that helps Small Business Owners set, and then actually hit, their growth goals.

Capital Second

After a Small Business Owner has built their SLAP™ and has implemented it for a minimum of 30 days, their behavior in the program can qualify them for a SLAPloan.  This ensures they get the right capital to match their business strategy.

It Is Time
To Rethink
The SMB Capital Stack

Business owners who are part of the SLAP program can qualify for capital based purely on their actions and behavior on the program.

Before we can talk about access to capital, we should be talking about ensuring every Small Business Owner has the right strategy, structure and support to build a profitable and sustainable business.  Only then can we assess the right capital for their needs.

Once a Small Business Owner has a clear strategy for being profitable and sustainable, access to the fair debt is helpful if it has a reasonable interest rate and is an amount that they can afford to carry.  

Most small businesses are not building to sell and cannot offer equity investors the types of returns they are looking for.  There is an opportunity to rethink how equity investment can work for SMBs, but it would require a shift in investor thinking. Instead of looking for portfolios that exit in 5-8 years, these would be portfolios that distribute dividends indefinitely. 

Since Covid-19 Small Business Owners have become increasingly reliant on grants to run their small businesses.  This is dangerous as it reduces the focus on real profitability.  While there is a place for it, grants should be released cautiously.  What if we stopped giving grants to SMBs and instead, we bought from them and created revenue opportunities with those budgets?

Let's Move Capital Together

Credit scores and traditional methods of underwriting are continually biased – often times excluding Small Business Owners from marginalized backgrounds from being able to access the capital that they need to grow their businesses. Our mission is to use Silver Lining Capital to continually innovate, test, optimize and share new financial products that prove that when we lend on behavior we can change how capital flows.  Join Us!

Get Capital For Your Small Business

If you are a Small Business Owner and you need capital, sign up for the SLAP Program, build your plan, attend your Strategy & Mindset Calls, implement your Action Plan and become qualified for a SLAPloan in as early as 30 days.

Invest in Silver Lining Capital

Invest any amount as part of our “Invest What You Can” model – creating access to investment opportunities as well as capital for Small Business Owners and our broader community.  Our mission is that Investors and Borrowers all win.

Bring SLAPcap Products To Your SMBs

Pilot a SLAPcapital program for SMBs in your community.  Use the SLAP Program to ensure your SMBs have the right strategy and are set up for success and then collaborate with us to run an alternative lending program, powered by our SLAP Approval Algorithm.