Silver Lining

CAMEO Small Business Growth Program

CAMEO invites you to apply for the program to help you grow your business and access capital.

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CAMEO wants to help you grow your small business and is making the Silver Lining Action Plan program available for
CAMEO business owners. If you have received this link, you are invited to apply for one of those
spots, worth over $4,000 USD!

How It Works

CAMEO Small Business Owners receive $4,000 worth of support and structure for each SMB, subsidized by
Wells Fargo.
Small Business Owners who are accepted into the program receive a full year of comprehensive support and
structure from the Silver Lining Action Plan (SLAP™) program plus the opportunity to get featured and win prizes:

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You will go through a 3-hour guided process to help you think about your values and priorities and set a time budget. You will then evaluate
and define key strategic elements of your business, including your What, Who, and Scale. Next, you will enter your expenses, revenue,
pricing, and revenue breakdown and ensure you have the best financial plan for your business as well as 12 months of sales goals. Finally,
you will build a detailed 12-month business development plan to ensure you have a detailed strategy for connecting with new clients to hit
your sales goals.

Once your SLAP™ is built, you will get comprehensive support for the next 12 months to ensure you implement your plan and hit your goals!
Behavior change science says that if you wrap the right kind of structure and support around yourself and fully take advantage of our 360
degree approach, your chances of success dramatically increase. With SLAP™, you get access to everything behavior chance says you
need in order to hit your financial goals which includes coaching, accountability, training, templates, tools, community and much more!

Once you qualify for SLAPcapital based on your behavior, get access to an unsecured loan based on SLAP™ behavior – not credit score,
collateral, or any other traditional finance metric that prohibits many business owners from marginalized backgrounds from accessing

Small Business Owners Like You

Received the structure and support they need to set and hit their goals

“Since I started my first SLAPyear,
I have noticed a huge difference
in how organized my thoughts
are with regards to my business,
especially because the program
provides a visual representation
of my month to month tasks and
goals. SLAP has truly helped me
plan ahead and think big, which
has been integral to
my recent success!”

41 Winks

“Being a part of SLAP has helped
me to continue to strive to
expand my business. The
experience and encouragement
from the staff have really helped
me to grow my confidence and
not give up during hard times in
business. Running a business has
its challenges, doing it alone is
very hard, but having a team
makes a tremendous
difference to stay on track.”

Jalen's Bakery

“I now understand better why I
need to get focused and where
my focus should go. I also
learned how to continually
reevaluate my business
practices to make them more
streamlined and effective in
generating revenue. I would
highly recommend SLAP to any
small businesses that need

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Apply for 1 of the 20 spots in the American Small Business Growth Growth Program reserved for CAMEO’s Small Businesses

Thanks to financial support of our sponsors, 700 US-based small business owners who come from marginalized communities will get access to the complete SLAP™ Program. Apply for one of those spots now!

Please note that all small business owners who gets one of the spots will be asked to contribute a small monthly fee of your choosing through
Silver Lining’s Pay What You Can Policy . Thanks to the financial support of our sponsors, the majority of your costs to participate have been
covered. Still, behavior change science proves that unless we pay for something, we do not value it. Our data shows that your chance of hitting
your goals increases by over 80% when you pay something.

This program is for SMBs who:

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