Silver Lining


Win one of 300 spots in the BuyBlack.org cohort of The American Small Business Growth Program and get up to $7,500 of support to find new customers and #GrowYourBlackBiz

  • SLAP™ subscription (up to $3,600 value per year, based on qualifications)
  • BuyBlack.org Premium Membership Activation ($60 value)
  • BuyBlack.org Ad Banners ($240 value)
  • Top-performing SMBs will be featured in the TYSB x BuyBlack.org campaign (Billboards, Podcasts, Special Edition E-Mag)

SLAP™️ is subsidized with support from the American Small Business Growth program, and participants are asked to “pay what you can.”
*Unlock all premium benefits after activating and building your SLAP™️ program

The American Small Business Growth Program has a singular focus: to give you the structure, support, and access that you deserve so that you can accomplish your goals and live your dreams. The BuyBlack.org cohort has been created to celebrate the contributions that Black-owned Small Business Owners make to the American economy and to help 300 black-owned SMBs grow their personal economy.

You Can Also Join a FREE SLAP bootcamp

Sign up now for a special BuyBlack.org SLAPbootcamp on either March 6 or March 14! During these 3-hour virtual events, you will build a 1-Year Action Plan for your business, including setting your financial goals and building your sales and marketing plan to find new customers. #GrowYourBlackBiz and ensure that you are profitable, sustainable, and thriving! The regular price is $299, but the Bootcamp is FREE for Black Business Owners!

Sign Up for the BuyBlack. org Cohort and the SLAP bootcamps Here


What You Get If You Win

Need help with your strategy? Have questions about your action plan? Every month, you have a 1 hour session with a SLAP-certified successful business owner who has devoted their time to help small businesses succeed (our SLAPstrategists).

Your application will be qualified to confirm that you are Committed, Owner-operated, Established, Ready and Serious.  Once qualification criteria is confirmed, you will be invited to sign up for the program.  Part of being in the BuyBlack cohort of the American Small Business Growth Program is enrolling in SLAP which usually costs $300 USD/month. Thanks to major support from Wells Fargo, you get the full SLAP platform and support at an Access-For-All rate. Behavior Change Science has proven that unless we commit to something, we do not actually change our behavior and get the results we want. With that in mind, we recommend that you pay 2% of your annual revenue (broken into monthly payments) so that you are fully committed but are not spending an amount that will put financial pressure on you.

Using the SLAPcenter platform and with the guidance of our SLAPexperts, spend approximately 3 hours building your Action Plan to clarify what you do, who you do it for, the scale you want to do it on, set your sales goals and create a clear plan for how you will find new customers and hit those goals!  Then, track your actions, sales, and progress on your SLAPcenter dashboard and get unlimited access to Calls, tools, connections, special deals, and more–all focused on helping you optimize your actions so that you accomplish your goals. 

Our SLAPexperts are experts in SLAP, behavior change science, small business and all things related to helping you hit your goals. They will help you build the right plan, optimize your behavior, keep a strong mindset and can help you if you are stuck, answer any questions you have, keep you accountable, and guide you toward the right opportunities that align with your goals. 

Once your SLAP is built, you will have a BuyBlack.org Campaign auto added to the first quarter of your Action Plan with detailed instructions on how to set up your VIP subscription and get your banner ads created and live on the BuyBlack.org platform!   Your SLAP will give you the clarity you need on how to find new customers and your BuyBlack.org VIP subscription and banner ads will help you reach those new customers!

Make the right connections, collaborate, earn new business, get featured and profiled, and more, by being an active member of the community. There is no shortage of offers and opportunities in through SLAPmeets and SLAPconnect. 

Business owners who are part of the SLAP™ program can qualify for capital based purely on their actions and behavior on the program.

Our community of Small Business Owners, Partners, and Advocates share resources and spaces to exchange knowledge and support. All of them are united by our mission to help small businesses achieve their goals!

The 12 highest performing small business owners in the BuyBlack cohort will be featured in a national Thank You Small Business campaign!  This will dramatically increase the exposure (and hopefully revenue!) of the featured small business owners. 

This Opportunity Is For You If You Are...


You have what it takes to commit to a 12-month process that will get real results.


You own and operate your small business and your primary source of capital is revenue.


Your business has existing revenue and it is your full time career.


You know it is time to take control of your time and create the business you want.


You are ready for real change and not just looking for another webinar or grant.

About BuyBlack.org

Buyblack.org is the largest online directory of Black-owned businesses in the US with over 50,000 listings that are fully searchable by keyword, category and geolocation. BuyBlack.org leverages its directory to drive traffic and revenue to Black-owned businesses, provide business intelligence to its members and regularly publish reports about the state of black businesses to inform and influence entrepreneurs and business owners, lenders, policy-makers and local communities about where to invest.

Silver Lining, in partnership with Wells Fargo, launched the American Small Business Growth Program to change the economy, one small business at a time! This is a comprehensive program that celebrates and supports US-based Small Business Owners from marginalized and underserved communities.

Help SMBs build a strong mindset and manage their mental health.

Give 1,270 SMBs the SLAP Program so they can build profitable revenue.

Offer SLAPloans and innovate financial products to get capital to SMBs.

Engage the public through storytelling and campaigns to drive SMB spending.

Educate the SMB industry so that all SMBs get better support.