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TYSB Announces Launch Of Small Business Book in NYC Titled On The Line: Small Business Driving NYC’s Bottom Line

The Book Tells The Stories Of Small Business Owners Who Put Everything On The Line And Invites The Readers To Support Small Business By Buying From Them NEW YORK, NY, USA, November 4, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — Thank You Small Business (TYSB) is celebrating the culmination of a year-long program of celebrating Small Business Owners of New York City. In 2021, The TYSB x NYC initiative, brought to you by Silver Lining was launched. Driven by a goal of providing transformational support for small business owners affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, 100 Small Business Owners from NYC were selected and won a Thank You Prize valued at over $10,000 USD each, and were part of a multi-month media campaign highlighting the diversity and ingenuity of true blue New York City small businesses in the hopes of driving new business, revenue, and awareness to them. As part of this program, Thank You Small Business is launching a book titled “On The Line, Small Business Building NYC’s Bottom Line.” The book features the inspiring stories of Small Business Owners, what they have put on the line for their business and their community, and how you as a consumer, can support them. “The best parts of NYC are not the tourist attractions, the big companies, the chain stores or, even, the glitz and the glam. The best parts of New York City are found in side streets and up-and-coming neighborhoods. They are found in boutique small businesses that have stood the test of time. They are found in the incredible people who come to New York because they want to live their passion and do something extraordinary.” Shares Carissa Reiniger, Founder, and CEO of Silver Lining and the creator of the Thank You Small Business movement. The Book Launch will be held on November 7, 2022, from 5 PM onwards at the Lucid Body House 230 Lexington Ave, New York, NY 10016. Tickets are selling out quickly. Come celebrate small businesses with us, buy your tickets here. All proceeds from ticket sales will go to the small businesses that are part of the program. To get early access to the book, please contact missy@smallbizsilverlining.com

Thank You Small Business Releases I Love NYC SMB Campaign 1-Year Impact Report on Covid Lockdown’s 2-Year Anniversary

The 100 NYC SMBs impact on the local economy includes $28 Mil in combined revenue goals and 450 new jobs created, with 90% of winners still located in NYC. The small business owners in I Love NYC SMB prove that small business in New York City is BIG.” — Carissa Reiniger, CEO of Silver Lining NEW YORK, NY, UNITED STATES, March 18, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — On March 18th, 2021, on New York City’s one-year lockdown anniversary, I LOVE NYC SMB, a campaign to drive new business, revenue, and support for small businesses across the five boroughs of New York City, was launched. Driven by a goal to provide transformational support for small businesses affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, I LOVE NYC SMB, over the course of the last year delivered $1, 000, 000 USD in Thank You Prizes to select small businesses that have remained in NYC throughout the pandemic, found ways to contribute to their community through the hardship, and reflect values of diversity and inclusion. Two years later, we still believe that small business success is critical for NYC to emerge stronger than ever and are continuing our collective efforts to celebrate and support NY-based SMBs.” This campaign is our love letter to New York City and the incredible people who live and work here,” said Carissa Reiniger, CEO of Silver Lining. Over the course of the next month after the campaign launch, we received over 900 applications, of which after undergoing a rigorous interview and vetting process, 100 small businesses in various industries and boroughs were chosen as winners. Each received a Thank You Prize, valued at over $10,000 USD that included at its center: a full enrollment in the SLAP™ Program, a proven small business growth program that is data-driven, technology-enabled, and based in behavior change science, helping the 100 winners build more profitable and sustainable businesses in 2021, despite the challenges they faced. The package also included many perks and free resources such as Spotify Advertising ad credits, a Godaddy .nyc domain, 60 days free of Flowcode Pro, a professional promo video produced by Re-Invention TV, a concert series produced by ARKAI, 10 masterminds, and 4 connection events to drive community. Additionally, in January 2022, Spotify Advertising was officially announced as the official partner of I Love NYC SMB. They will play an intricate part in making 2022 a year to remember as we continue to drive new activities for the campaign. Our vision to love, celebrate, support, and THANK small business owners in NYC is BIG. In 2022, we plan on: – Hosting the last four live concert events in our series of ten, all hosted in local small businesses and featuring NY-based artists, with 100% of the profits from ticket sales being re-distributed in the form of cash gifts between the winners.– Launching a public ad campaign across the five boroughs by placing billboards, posters, and postcards with the goal of driving new business to them.– Releasing a compilation book, featuring the 100 winners and their stories, celebrating their resilience and contribution, despite all of the challenges faced.– Releasing an original musical piece, composed and performed by ARKAI, along with an original music video, inspired by the 100 and showcasing the diversity of these small businesses. “As I’ve personally gotten to know each of the 100 winners over the course of the last year, I must say that the collective resilience, growth, and contribution of this group is truly inspiring!” said Carissa Reiniger, CEO of Silver Lining. “The small business owners in I Love NYC SMB prove that small business in New York City is BIG.” Join us in 2022, support not only the 100 winners but all NY-based small businesses by choosing community over convenience and shopping local. To read the full one-year I Love NYC SMB Impact Report and find out more on how to get involved, please visit https://bit.ly/ILOVENYCSMBIMPREPORT

She’s The Boss: Carissa Reiniger, CEO & Founder of Silver Lining

Carissa Reiniger is an extraordinary woman and what she’s doing with her business, the “Sliver Lining’ is absolutely incredible. She’s really thought about every aspect of small businesses and how she can support them. Carissa is the Founder and President of Silver Lining, where she has developed the SLAP (Silver Lining Action Plan) business method to help small businesses set and hit their financial goals. Her background is in psychology and she has developed a Behaviour Change Psychology formula into her business model, to enable small business owners to succeed. At the beginning of 2021, Silver Lining launched a sister company called Silver Lining Finance because they’re really focused on helping small businesses make money doing something they love. They lend 100% finance based on the behavioural data they develop for small businesses. Carissa is disrupting the banking industry! Over 80% of Silver Lining Finance’s borrowers are women and approximately 76% are non-white business owners. These are the people the banking industry don’t support so Carissa is changing the system. It doesn’t end there. “Thank you Small Business” is a programme where 500 small businesses are selected from marginal communities, all over the world, from every background. These 500 businesses are put on SLAP and are given optional access to SLAP loans as well as provided with resourceful connections to help them raise their profiles. Carissa truly is remarkable!

Spotify Advertising & Silver Lining Announce Multi-Faceted Partnership To Celebrate & Support Small Businesses Globally

Thank You Small Business’s I Love NYC SMB campaign is at the center of the partnership with Spotify Advertising being named the Official Partner of the campaign Spotify Advertising is making a significant commitment to small business owners globally through a new partnership with Silver Lining Ltd, a company that has helped thousands of small business owners succeed with their innovative, behavior change science-based small business growth program and lending fund. The foundation of the partnership is a joint commitment to build initiatives that will genuinely and positively impact small business owners worldwide. Both Spotify Advertising and Silver Lining are ready to give small business owners the practical and tangible support they need to succeed and test different ideas and initiatives to help business owners find new customers, generate new revenue and ultimately grow their business. Thank You Small Business’s I Love NYC SMB campaign is at the center of the partnership, with Spotify Advertising being named the Official Partner of this 18-month long initiative to celebrate and support 100 small business owners in New York City. Silver Lining and Spotify Advertising share a commitment to New York City, and that commitment extends to making sure that small business owners’ contributions to every corner and community of NYC are adequately recognized and protected as the city works to build back after the impact of Covid-19. Marketing Technology News: Ada Places No. 19 on the Globe and Mail’s Third-Annual Ranking of Canada’s Top Growing Companies “Spotify Advertising is grateful to partner with Silver Lining to support their endeavors and the NYC-based jobs SMBs create to drive lasting and positive change.” — Rochelle Sanchirico, Spotify’s Global Director of SMB Marketing I Love NYC SMB ran a public campaign and chose 100 winning small business owners who all stayed in NYC through the worst of Covid, have found ways to innovate and pivot, and have contributed to their communities and cities despite all of the challenges they faced. As a part of this partnership, Spotify Advertising will be providing the 100 winning small business owners ad credits for their self-service Ad Studio platform and training so they can leverage Spotify Advertising to reach new customers and drive new business. “The last year has presented unprecedented challenges for SMBs—even beyond the challenge of running their own business or growing a start-up. SMBs are an integral part of people’s lives, especially in New York City. Whether a mom-and-pop shop or a regional chain, SMBs are the heart of NYC’s neighborhoods. Spotify Advertising is grateful to partner with Silver Lining to support their endeavors and the NYC-based jobs SMBs create to drive lasting and positive change,” says Rochelle Sanchirico, Spotify’s Global Director of SMB Marketing. In addition to this significant commitment to support the SMBs of NYC, Spotify Advertising and Silver Lining will also: ● Integrate Spotify Advertising into Silver Lining’s tech-enabled and data-driven small business growth program – SLAP™ – by introducing educational content and training materials on how to use Spotify Advertising to generate new business at an affordable price.● Name Spotify Advertising a Global Partner of Thank You Small Business – Silver Lining’s Global Movement to celebrate and support small business owners globally.● Offer Spotify Advertising credits to small businesses from marginalized communities that are part of the Impact5X Initiative – Silver Lining’s Global Commitment to Economic Justice.● Launch a new podcast called “Silver Linings” on Spotify with guests and conversations speaking to the realities and challenges of being a small business owner and the silver linings they experience on their journey! “We are excited about this partnership because we truly believe that Rochelle and her team want to do what is right and best for small business owners. Through our collaboration, we will be able to help thousands of small business owners through large-scale public campaigns like I Love NYC SMB, with practical tools to help them grow their online presence with Spotify ads and by creating connection and community through the new Silver Linings podcast on Spotify,” said Carissa Reiniger, Silver Lining’s CEO.

The American Small Business Growth Program, An Initiative By Silver Lining & Wells Fargo Is Now Accepting Applications

Powered by Silver Lining & Funded by Wells Fargo, the program will give 700 US-based SMBs from marginalized communities the support they need to succeed. “Having access to a trusted expert in business and financial planning can be a game-changer for a small business owner.” — Jenny Flores, Head of Small Business Growth Philanthropy at Wells Fargo NEW YORK, NY, US, December 8, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Today, we are proud to officially announce a new collaboration between Silver Lining and Wells Fargo to launch The American Small Business Growth Program with a singular focus: to give 700 US-based small business owners from marginalized communities the structure, support, and access they need to grow their business and ultimately, succeed. Small business owners struggle to manage capacity and cash flow at the best of times. COVID-19 has presented a fresh set of obstacles that have increased the challenges for almost every small business owner in the US. The traditional models of technical assistance that have been available to small business owners in the past do not adequately address their current needs. Wells Fargo has granted Silver Lining $1,500,000 to launch The American Small Business Growth Program to address that reality by leveraging Silver Lining’s comprehensive, technology-enabled, data-driven small business growth process that is based in behavior change science and that will give small business owners the type of support that is necessary for them to succeed. Since 2005, Silver Lining has helped over 11,000+ self-funded small business owners in 35+ countries set and hit their financial goals through its proprietary small business growth program, the Silver Lining Action Plan – SLAP™. Small business owners who use SLAP™ have an 80% chance of hitting their financial goals. Additionally, with the recent launch of Silver Lining Finance, small business owners can access unsecured term loans based 100% on their SLAP™ behavioral data, not their credit scores, cash flow, or other traditional underwriting models. Early data is optimistic, showing higher than industry average approval rates, diversity rates, and repayment rates. “I am so excited for the launch of this initiative with Wells Fargo. Being able to bring SLAP™ to 700 US-Based small business owners will give us the chance to have a meaningful impact on small business owners and their local communities and economies in every state in the USA. Not only can we help those small business owners, but we will be able to show, with data and through real stories, the importance of small business in America’s economic recovery.” says Carissa Reiniger, Silver Lining’s Founder & CEO. The $1,500,000 grant from Wells Fargo will allow Silver Lining to: – Bring SLAP™ to 700 small business owners from marginalized communities across the US.– Give each of those 700 small business owners optional access to an unsecured SLAP™loan pending qualification criteria that is 100% based on their behavior.– Host 4 Free SLAP™ Bootcamps so that an unlimited number of small business owners in the US have the opportunity for free support to build a 12-month growth plan for their business.– Share the stories of small businesses in America through a docu-series produced by small independent filmmakers across the US, featuring many of the 700 participating small business owners.– Give all of the participating SMBs a chance to win one of ten all-expenses-paid vacations as well as monthly prizes and rewards, using fun gamification and incentives as a way of encouraging good behavior and rewarding the participating small business owners for doing the things that will help them grow and hit their goals.– Launch the SLAP™ Program in Spanish to increase access for the Hispanic communities. “Having access to a trusted expert in business and financial planning can be a game-changer for a small business owner,” said Jenny Flores, head of small business growth philanthropy at Wells Fargo. “At Wells Fargo, we’re working to expand the capacity of organizations like Silver Lining to reach more entrepreneurs and accelerate their growth.” To learn more about The American Small Business Growth Program or to apply for one of the 500 spots, please visit: https://smallbizsilverlining.com/wellsfargo ###

GoDaddy & Silver Lining Are Challenging Local Leaders To Take Action & Create Real Change For Microbusinesses

The Local Leader’s Action Plan outlines 5 main themes and 20 specific action items verified by real business owners as what they need and want from our leaders. While all have been affected, microbusiness owners, particularly those in underserved communities, have faced unprecedented challenges and require urgent and effective support.” — Carissa Reiniger, Founder & CEO of Silver Lining NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, May 17, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Over the last decade, in the US alone, we have spent billions of dollars on microbusiness economic development and technical assistance. And yet, when Silver Lining surveyed 100 US-based business owners who are still operating and who have less than 5 employees, they uncovered that 100% of them believe that the resources being provided by economic development agencies and local business support organizations are not meeting their needs. It is time for new solutions to the age-old problem of increasing the success rate of business owners. To spark a conversation and inspire local leaders to take action, GoDaddy’s Venture Forward Team & Silver Lining have partnered to create the Local Leader’s Action Plan, a guide outlining 5 main themes and 20 specific action items verified by real microbusiness owners as what they really need and want from our leaders. This Action Plan is full of practical and actionable ideas on: – Modernizing technical assistance programs,– Empowering digital enablement, and– Innovating access to capital. In addition, microbusinesses weigh in and provide ideas on how to increase wifi access and make healthcare more accessible and affordable. We challenge local leaders to read this guide not to learn but as a plan that will prompt action. “Covid-19 has had a dramatic impact on cities, communities, and economies and the microbusinesses within them,” said Carissa Reiniger, Founder & CEO of Silver Lining. “While all have been affected, microbusiness owners, particularly those in underserved communities, have faced unprecedented challenges and require urgent and effective support.” “Microbusinesses build and strengthen local communities,” said Stacy Cline, Senior Director, Corporate Social Responsibility at GoDaddy. “It is critical that our local governments and policymakers listen to the real needs of these entrepreneurs and understand how to best support and foster entrepreneurship for all. We’re thrilled to partner with Silver Lining on The Local Leaders Action Plan in the hopes of providing actionable guidance to inspire local leaders.” We all know that there are many challenges ahead as it relates to rebuilding our economy and ensuring that as many microbusinesses as possible survive and succeed. Still, if we each make one small change, it will result in a significant collective impact. The time is now to rebuild our economy one microbusiness at a time and we challenge local leaders to join us on this journey to recovery. To access the Local Leaders Action Plan, CLICK HERE.