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The American Small Business Growth Program Grand Prize Challenge

Get ready for the ASBGP Grand Prize Challenge! Secure your chance to win an all-expense-paid trip to Tampa, Florida. Explore stunning attractions, enjoy culinary delights, and experience unforgettable adventures. Don’t miss this Silver Opportunity to elevate your SLAP™ experience and embark on a remarkable Tampa getaway!

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ASBGP - Grow Your Business with SLAP

You are the soul of your local community and you drive the US economy. You create opportunities for your family and jobs for those who need them.

The American Small Business Growth Program has a singular focus: to give you the structure, support, and access that you deserve so that you can accomplish your goals and live your dreams.

Program Partners Driving Change

About The American Small Business Growth Program

Silver Lining, in partnership with Wells Fargo, launched the American Small Business Growth Program to change the economy, one small business at a time! This is a comprehensive program that celebrates and supports US-based Small Business Owners from marginalized and underserved communities.

Help SMBs build a strong mindset and manage their mental health.

Give 710 SMBs the SLAP Program so they can build profitable revenue.

Offer SLAPloans and innovate financial products to get capital to SMBs.

Engage the public through storytelling and campaigns to drive SMB spending.

Educate the SMB industry so that all SMBs get better support.