Get to know us!

We are committed to changing the economy one small business at a time.

We started out in 2005 on a mission to help more people make money doing what they love. We have learnt that not only is it super satisfying and humbling to see a small business owner living that reality – but there is also a much bigger picture. Small business owners are the most powerful group of people in the world. When you look at your combined revenue, employee headcount, contribution to the economy and contribution to your communities – you realize that small business is BIG.

In a world that is all hyped up about raising millions, building yet another app and then trying to sell for billions- we are hyped up about changing the world one small business at a time.

We are proud to have started initiatives like The Coalition Committed to Growing Small Business and Thank You Small Business and continually strive to do everything we can to help small businesses succeed.

I started Silver Lining in 2005 on a mission to help small business owners grow their companies.  My passion increases daily and I will continue to work relentlessly to change the economy – one small business at a time.

Carissa Reiniger

Founder & CEO

I have owned a few of my own small businesses so I know what it is really like.   That is why I am passionate about helping small businesses sign up for SLAP – I want to see them succeed and build sustainable businesses.

Alexandra Hill

SLAPhappiness Director

I am responsible for Silver Lining’s operations and making sure things run smoothly. I support everyone on the team and give them what they need so they can support our SLAPsters while having fun.

Hussain Bandukwala


I take care of all of our wonderful partners and I love finding new opportunities to help small businesses grow. I strive to develop long-term relationships and enjoy keeping in touch.

David Langle

Patnership Manager

I have personally SLAP’d hundreds of small business owners and I work hard to make sure that our team, our SLAPsters and all of our Partners know our methodology inside and out- and are using it to grow.

Deb Novick

Chief SLAPexpert

I help our SLAPsters stay on track with their plan. I run contests, send friendly emails and I am always available for a chat. I help our SLAPslackers get back on track and cheer our SLAPstars on!

Tianna Thompson

Senior SLAPassistant

I feel in love with the digital way of life and had the privilege of co-founding two successful online businesses. I joined Silver Lining because their mission is very close to my heart.

Maxine Genier

Communication & Creative Director

I spend my days writing code for SLAPcenter. I want our software to be the best that it can be and I am constantly thinking about how to improve it so our SLAPster can focus on growing their business.

Vsevolod Yakunin

SLAPcenter Lead Developer