Silver Lining

  • We Are Silver Lining
  • We Are Building A More Just World Where ANY Small Business Can Soar

Everything We Do Is Small Business First

Silver Lining is committed to using cutting-edge technology, the best in behavior change science, and a modern team to build the best possible solutions that meet the real needs of today’s Small Business Owners. Every single thing we design, whether it be a new product, a new program, or a simple feature, is checked against our company’s commitment to being Small Business First.

We Believe Business Is A Tool For Justice

We are committed to using our business to create real change for individual Small Business Owners and the global economy.

It is time for businesses to move beyond corporate social responsibility, philanthropy, impact and 2-for-1 models and to move towards creating real systemic change that results in a more just world for all.

Small Business First

We consistently turn away venture capital to ensure that as the primary stakeholders we remain focused on the Small Business Owners in our community.

Access For All

In order to ensure SLAP™ is accessible to all, Small Business Owners can use our Access For All to set their monthly subscription payment to a monthly rate that reflects their economic reality. (Regular rate is $300 USD/month)

Global Team

With team members in 30+ countries and a public compensation chart, everyone is paid for the role they have regardless of their location, race, age or any other demographic detail.

Proudly For Profit

We are determined to prove that every well-run organization can be both financially sustainable and completely focused on creating a more just world.

Success Share

100% of Silver Lining’s profit is shared back to team members and SLAPstrategists.

We Have Been Fighting For Small Businesses Since 2005

We Are a Global, Passionate Team with Shared Values

We are Focused on Creating Real Change