A SLAP That Will Transform Your Business With Carissa Reiniger
Interviewed by Jaime Tardy
July 22, 2013
Source: Eventual Millionaire
Watch Full Interview Here

In this interview you will learn things that will CHANGE your business. I do this process with my clients too, is extremely valuable!  Carissa’s company has helped over 8,000 small business owners grow, and she does it by a SLAP. Her company creates action plans for companies, starting with one simple statement that she gives step by step advice on how to create on the show. You don’t want to miss this, this info is CRITICAL to the foundation of your business!  Check out Silverlininglimited.com for more info!  Sign up for Carissa’s webinar on Tuesday August 6th too!   Here is the Business Growth Checklist I was given at one of her Thank you Small Business Events. It only really makes sense if you go to the webinar, but it might be helpful too!