Silver Lining


Invite Only for Silver Lining Advisors & Partners, this day will be a thank you for all that you have done for Silver Lining along with practical training on how to apply SLAP™ and facilitated connection sessions to find ways to collaborate and grow our collective impact.

Paid by Silver Lining if an active Silver Advisor,
SLAP Partner or Global Partner

SLAPster Only VIP

Hosted by Carissa, this special event is just for SLAPsters. We will spend an afternoon doing a fun activity in New York City focused on building our Mindset Muscle!

Paid by Silver Lining for Active SLAPsters,
$100 for inactive SLAPsters

official GLOBAL celebration

Whether you can make it to NYC or not, join us for the Official Global 20 Year Celebration where our community from all 77 countries will join to hear who won our 20 Impact5X Awards, 20 Thank You Prizes and 20 Silver Awards!


20 Year
Anniversary PARTY

This will be the party of the year! Join us for a FUN night in NYC where we will celebrate the first 20 years of Silver Lining! Experience the best of NYC SMBs in very cool ways and ring in the next 20 years together!

Paid by Silver Lining
Must Wear Silver!

Thank You Small Business
SMB Crawl!

Hop on a NYC tour bus, but instead of the regular sights, see NYC as we see it – as a small business city! Throughout the day we will visit each NYC Borough and stop at a local small business, hop off to experience their offerings and then hop back on to get to the next! With fun live music on board, filming to turn the day into a TV show and MORE – you will not want to miss this!


SAS Retreat

Calling all SLAP All Stars (SAS)! Join Carissa and your fellow highest-performing- SLAPsters for a full day SAS Retreat where you will have some fun, talk strategy and work on taking your SLAP performance to the next level! Note that this SAS Retreat is only available for SLAPsters whose SAS badge is active as of April 1, 2025 so work hard to earn or keep your SAS status!

Paid by Silver Lining

RSVP For Silver Lining's 20 Year Anniversary Weekend in NYC
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Our community is global, which makes it difficult for everyone to be in NYC together. While there is no pressure to attend, we want you to know that you are beyond welcome to come and celebrate with us! Please note that we will cover the event costs once you arrive, but you'll be responsible for your travel, accommodation, and other personal expenses.

To learn more about the Silver Lining World Tour, leading up to our 20 Year Anniversary​