Silver Lining

Let's Change The Economy One Small Business At A Time

We Believe...

Small Business Is Big

When a small business succeeds, families are healthy, jobs are created, communities thrive and we create a more just economy for all.

Any Small Business Can Succeed

When any Small Business Owner, regardless of background, gets access to the right strategy, structure, support and resources, they can succeed and we have the data to prove it.

We Help SMBs Build Profitable, Sustainable Businesses

The Silver Lining Action Plan (SLAP™) is a tech-enabled, data-driven SaaS program, based in behavior change science, that helps Small Business Owners set, and then actually hit, their growth goals.

If you are a Small Business Owner, set up a time with our team to see if SLAP is for you:

SLAP General Application

We Lend To SMBs Based On Behavior, Not Credit Scores

SLAPcapital is on a mission to prove that if we change the underwriting models, we can increase approval, diversity and repayment rates for Small Business Owners. We give capital to SMBs based 100% on their SLAP stats, no credit scores, financial statements, personal guarantees or collateral.

We Are On A Mission To Ensure All SMBs Get Equal Access To Support, Regardless Of Their Background

Impact5x combats the systemic injustices that global Small Business Owners face by providing them the full SLAP Program and then doing ongoing research and Innovation Projects to ensure that SLAP truly is accessible to all and can address the universal needs of SMBs from all backgrounds.
The Small Business Growth Program focuses on ensuring SLAP™️ is accessible, relevant and localized to Small Business Owners from specific communities. Each SBGP is focused on a specific region or community and does program customizations to meet their unique needs.

We Proudly Celebrate, Support, And Thank SMBs For All They Do

Thank You Small Business (TYSB) was created with the mission to celebrate, support, and thank Small Business Owners for all that they do for their families, teams, communities, and the economy. In partnership with major brands in countries around the world, people can nominate their favorite Small Business Owners to win Thank You Prizes.

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