If you’re a small business owner with employees, one thing you might often find yourself struggling with getting your employees to really embrace a sense of ownership.  To think beyond just getting a paycheck.  To think about themselves as a contributor to the success of the WHOLE.

Small business employees, on the other hand, often feel like they are being taken advantage of…working many hours…wearing many hats…and feeling like they never get to “turn off” from the job.  They often times burn out and become less engaged.

So, how do small business owners keep their employees from burning out, let them know that they are appreciated, and keep them engaged and active in contributing to the success of the business…without breaking the bank?

In her article – Small Business Burnout: How to Keep Employees Happy and Engaged – Kathryn Tuggle gives some really great suggestions:

–  Let them know their “above and beyond” contributions are appreciated.  Mention them and give kudos in front of the whole team.

–  Celebrate the small wins and reward your employees with something small – a free lunch, a day off, a gift card

–  Add some great fun and perks to your workspace – provide free coffee or healthy snacks, bring in a foosball table, hold fun contests

–  Organize some out-of-office team building activities

–  Give them some time to un-plug.  Have them take a day to completely disconnect from work.  And encourage them to follow through on actually doing this.

–  Let them have a day or two where they can work from home.

Check out the full article for some other great ideas to keep your employees happy and motivated…so that they stay dedicated to making the business a success!