We live in a challenging time where the gap between those who succeed and those who struggle continues to grow. We keep investing heavily in charity, aid, bailing out corporations and funding tech startups – but none of these things are closing the divide.

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Economic data shows that we must help small business grow.



Because thriving small business owners take care of their families, create jobs, invest in their communities, and build the global economy.



In developing and developed countries alike, small business owners face a persistently high failure rate. We need to break the systemic failure rate of small business so that they can thrive. If we simply help all of the existing small business owners grow just a little bit we would make a dramatic global impact on unemployment rates, poverty, communities and the economy. Having worked with thousands of small business owners from multiple countries since 2005 we have data that proves that demographic details such as the school you went to or the family you were born into do not have a direct impact on success. Rather, a business owner’s character and behavior predict their success. If we can get small business owners the right level of training, resources, support, and accountability, we believe that every single person who is properly equipped and willing to work hard can have an equal chance of success.

This is our commitment to do our part to stop the systemic injustice that is in place around wealth and success by getting our program – SLAP – into the hands of as many under-resourced small business owners as possible. Economic justice means that regardless of where you were born, what color your skin is, what religion you follow or what gender you associate with – you have an equal chance of success.

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Our global commitment, the Silver Circle Economic Justice Initiative is our attempt at evening out the playing field by creating equal access for small business owners regardless of their gender, race, religion or geographical location. We want to give small business owners the right level of financial support, training, resources, tools and accountability in order for them to succeed. We believe we can deliver the prosperity and success they need to become sustainable.

We will work on closing the finance divide by covering 50% of the cost of the program ourselves and fundraising for the other 50%; by giving each small business owner pay-what-you-can rates; and by offering fair payment plans.

We will work on closing the technology divide by providing basic technology training and by partnering with organizations and tech companies to provide additional support as well as hardware when needed.

We will work on closing the knowledge divide by giving all participants access to a robust level of support and an inspiring network of mentors and by encouraging participation in our peer-support system.

We aim to help a minimum of 1000 small businesses around the world and we won’t stop helping even once this initial goal is achieved. This is our global commitment.

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In order for us to fulfill our commitment, we have created a 13-month program called AccessSLAP. As with any of our other programs, small business owners will also gain access to the 5 “fingers” of the SLAPexperience.

Participants will also receive one monthly 1:1 private call as well as one group call with one of our experienced business owners, all of which are certified in our methodology.


… is best for small businesses who:


  • Are committed to growth.
  • Are owner-operated & bootstrapped.
  • Have been in operation for at least 2 years.
  • Has existing income.
  • Have current annual revenue of less than $50,000 USD.
  • Their business is their full-time career and their primary source of income.
  • Come from an under-represented and under-resourced community. (gender, race, religion, and/or location)
  • Commits to a meaningful (but affordable) monthly payment.
  • Commits to measurable goal around how they will give back to their family, team and/or local community as they grow and increase their success.


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If you run an organization that works with under-served small business owners who are eligible for an accessSLAP – let’s talk about us implementing this through your organization.


If you are a successful entrepreneur and/or advocate for small business, match Silver Lining’s donation and make a tax deductible donation to launch this initiative.


If you care deeply about this work and can support it in any way, we are open!