In Part 1 of this series, we discussed that successful networking is based on relationship building and not selling. In this article we’ll walk you through some ways to “stick-out” from the others trying to build the same relationships.

One of the most important things to remember when networking is that you want to be memorable, without being sales-y.  This is where an effective “elevator pitch” comes in handy.  Whatever your line of work, chances are there is another person at the event who does something similar.  It’s important to introduce yourself in a way that distinguishes you from that other person.

One approach that works well is to state what you do in terms of the results you create for people. For example, if you are a realtor, you might say, you help people find their dream home.  If you are an insurance agent, you might say you help people sleep soundly by removing the worries that otherwise would keep them up at night.

Another approach is to tell a story about a recent client experience or the challenge your clients are typically facing.  If you are in the IT business, you might say that clients call you when their technology needs service or upgrades.  If you’re a lawyer, you might say that clients call you when they get into trouble.

A third approach is to share why you do what you do, what your passion is, and what drew you into your career.  You can say , I’ve always been fascinated by fashion, so I became a photographer to get close to the runway.  Or, I love food but can’t cook, so I became a restaurant critic instead.

Whatever you say, try to be brief.  This is a conversation starter, not the whole conversation! – See more at: